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Sometimes you have a guest on and you know exactly where the conversation will go. Sometimes, you have a guest on and you've no idea where the conversation might take you! Johnny and the guys welcome Dana, aka RottingJewels to the show. Where the hell do they end up? Even they don’t know sometimes, From Covid to cults to Alex Jones and Son of Sam, from Scientology to the CIA and the Process Church, they hit a veritable spiderweb of subjects. Get /comfy/ and let's get this process started!Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Hollis, Otterwaffen JackGuest: Dana, aka RottingJewelsCheck her out here: https://twitter.com/DanaDooDah https://www.youtube.com/@rottingjewels https://rumble.com/user/rottingjewels
Your favorite Tuesday night livestream, now in podcast form!>Stream Crashers of the Shitty Internet Kind>Alex Jones goes flat. Cries.>Tel-Lie-Vision>The Gates of Toledo are open again>Japan's moon trip cancelled>China goes dark>Covid stuff (spoiler: we were right)>Somali piracy in the MidwestPanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Fash Gordon, Otterwaffen JackBreak Music: Ohio Is For Beaners, by Hawthorne Wights
Johnny and the guys are joined once again by their favorite chronologist, Jason Breshears from the ARCHAIX Research Group. As they dive deep into the ARCHAIX research, the guys ask esoteric questions concerning the Nemesis star system, calendars, AIX, and, of course, chronology. So, get /comfy/ and let's see where they go this time!Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Hollis, Grognak, Otterwaffen JackGuest: Jason BreshearsCheck him out here: https://archaix.com/ https://archaix.tv/ https://www.youtube.com/@Archaix138 https://twitter.com/archaix138
>The Pope's based faggotry>Melinda Gates' billion dollar abortion>Reddit, cock-roaches and glue>E=F+G (It's Science™️)>Lights over London>Dancing nurses are back>Apophis 2029 tour announcement>I'm a particle accelerationistPanel: Johnny, Jack, GrognakMusic Break: Euphemisms, by FoundringNecronormiecon: Planting Thy Seed, read by Jack
Johnny and Reinhardt are joined by the (unbeknownst to him) writer and performer of the official Paranormies theme song "Everything is Fake and Gay", the one and only Foundring! The conversation winds around a myriad of subjects from music nerdiness, vibrations, occult music and musicians, conspiracy theories, Sandy Hook, the theory of the occult, Pizzagate, 9/11, personal conspiracy journeys, schizo fellowship, and much more! Get /comfy/ and let the ragtime roll!Panel: Johnny and ReinhardtGuest: FoundringCheck him out here: https://x.com/foundring1 http://paypal.me/foundring http://odysee.com/@foundring http://rumble.com/user/foundring http://bitchute.com/foundring http://t.me/foundring foundring.gumroad.com
>Israel tries to jump start WWIII...or did they?>Iranian President goes Kobe>Nick Fuentes is gay? No. Way. >Sloppy job Mossad?>Checking in on Rabbi ShmuleyPanel: Johnny, Jack, Hollis, ReinhardtMusic Break: Red Right Hand, by Nick Cave and the Seeds
The guys were off this week so here's another classic episode!This week on the Paranormies we are joined by our old pal Mr. Zev to discuss the Skinwalker Ranch in Northern Utah. Possibly the biggest nexus of paranomal activity in the world, all sorts of crazy stuff happened there. UFOs, bullet proof wolves, cthulu slugs, and... friendly floating footballs? In the second hour, Zev tells us about his experiences in the Whittier Hills of California, where mysterious cult activity and other spoopy events take place. Find out all about it on tonight's episode of The Ahnenerbe Hour! Panel: Johnny Monoxide, Adam Haidt, Scott Taylor and ZevMusic Break: Look Back In Anger, by XuriousCreepypasta: Indian Skinwalker, read by Johnny Monoxide
Johnny and Skull vs Official Narratives: Part Infinity +1>But first, the weather: What even are clouds?>Jack Parsons and Werner von Braun: childhood friends?>The (apparently) original Telephone Game>Who checks the Fact Checkers™️?>Chemtrails aren't contrailsPanel: Johnny, Alt Skull
Tuesday Night's Livestream Replay>Troonfest 2024 aka The Met Gala>I mean it, there were so many troons>Frat Boy Summer: jewish gayop or real shit?>Mossad's NY office>Tartaria in the MSM again>and more!Panel: Johnny, Hollis, Fash GordonMusic Break: Silkroad, by Matteo Mancuso
Mr. Flat Earth British, Martin Liedke joins Johnny and the guys for another great conversation in which they delve into the mysteries of the old world, from "ancient Rome" to Tartatians Phoenicians, and the resets, to the emergence of "Flat Earth" on large mainstream accounts and much, much more! Sit back, get /comfy/ and let's go!!Panel: Johnny, Hollis, GrognakGuest: Martin LiedkeCheck Him out here: https://www.youtube.com/@martinliedtkeFEB67
Your Tuesday Night Livestream Replay:>Israel/Iran Nothingburger>The Fake Awakening>The "Christian Reich">Some Simulation Theory >It's Just The Flu Bros Stay Winning>And More!!Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Jack, Grognak]Music Break: Sleep Is Wrong, by Sleepytime Gorilla Museum of Natural HistoryNecronormiecon: The Last White Man, read by Blaine McCammack
Lucius Aurelian joins Johnny and the guys for another great conversation with topics ranging from the annunaki and the old world to today's constant humiliation ritual and the technology of both. Lots of ground to cover, lots of Old World buildings to explore, and lots of brass plaques to debunk, so let's get /comfy/ and get down to it!Panel: Johnny, HollisGuest: Lucius AurelianCheck him out here: https://www.youtube.com/@Restitutor_Orbis_214 Here: https://twitter.com/L_Aurelian214 And Here: https://www.reddit.com/user/Restitutor_Orbis_214/
Your Tuesday night livestream replay!>Infowars hosts Flat Earth Debate: WTF and also: Who Won?>Who even are these guys>The latest Taylor Swift collab: Satan!>No heifers?>And much more!Panel: Johnny, Hollis, JackMusic Break: Adam's Penitence, by Iratus Vir
It was 4/20 this weekend, so why not talk about weed and Hitler? It is "that" holiday, for stoners and LARP'ers alike, for those that partake in herbal libations and those who have a "favorite uncle" they've never met. Is marijuana Aryan in origin? Should you "put that shit away" as a certain movie (anti?)hero once said? And what were some of the weird things people have said about the small mustache having, dog loving, vegetarian from Austria? Let's get /comfy/ (however you like, it IS 4/20) and let's find outPanel: Johnny, Grognak, Hollis, Æther
Your Weekly dose of spoop, shitopsting and the news!!>The literally who-this>Iran Israel nothingburger>Jewish ethnoreligious supremacy vs the world>Sydney stabbings>Pandas didn't real>Fake Chinese historyPanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, JackMusic Break: Interior People, by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
>Eclipse nonhabbenings and general shitposting™ >Jet fuel hoax, what is the premise? >Why would they lie?>Aether and possible alternatives for how planes are fueled >Planes stopping in midair— glitches? Portals?>Ancient depictions of aircraft (courtesy of Dr Daniel Jackson)Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Jack, Grognak, ÆtherMusic Break: Autopilot, by Queens of the Stoned AgeCreepypasta: Train Ride, read by Bradshaw Wilson
>Nothing habbened with the ecollapse>Parasite Pill>Geoengineering >CERN, Stanford, and Oak Ridge>Anton LaVey and Toe Rogan>Satelloon footage of the eclipse "shadow">YouTube niche celebrities >Aether and antiquitech>Hidden history/mudflood enjoyers and deniers>Fake NYC lightning strike and earthquakePanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, HollisMusic Break: Black Hole Sun (Cover), by Leo Moracchioli
Long time friend of the show, the one and only Larry Ridgeway is back again! The guys get into a whirling dervish of a conversation (that was supposed to be about vampires, but winds around all the recent craziness). Earthquakes and the eclipse: party on or prepare for the end? Has everything always been fake and gay? Do the guys actually talk about vampires? Get /comfy/ and let's find out!Panel: Johnny, JackGuest: Larry RidgewayMusic Break: Sticky Hulks, by The Oh SeesCreepypasta: The Hissers, read by Hollis
>The FBI is gay>They’re changing the light bulb in the sun>From Jonah to Nineveh>Ancient Egyptian rocketman>Earthquakes abound>Are chemtrails finally real?>The real Devil’s Lettuce>Middle East Stuff because nEwSPanel: Johnny, Jack, HollisMusic Break: Immutable Dusk, by Pelican
Another classic from the archives, all the way back to Season 1!This week we are joined by special guests Mr. K and Bella Dashwood to discuss Nephilim, secret societies, and... giant slayers? In the first hour, Mr. K explains how he was involved in a military operation which ended in discovering a Giant in the Kandahar region of Afghanistan. You'll be amazed at what happens next. Later we discuss the Genesis 6 conspiracy and how the abomination children of angels and men are using secret societies to enslave humanity. Ever wonder why the Catholic Church operates a telescope named Lucifer? Tune in for this and more. Panel: Johnny Monoxide, Adam Haidt, Death Guests: Mr. K, Bella DashwoodMusic Break: Bring Me the Nation State, by Blink 1488
>Which distraction is distracting from the distracting distractions?>Holy Shmoley, Unholy Shmuley>J's vs G's>The Daily Eruv>Did you try unplugging and plugging the bridge back in?>An act of war, terrorism, or incompetence? What if Occam's Razor is all of them?>P-Diddler and the Gayop of the week™️Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Jack, Fash GordonBreak Song: Return To Monke, by The Viagra BoysNecronormiecon: Brother's Prayer, read by Jack
> who was Howard Philip Lovecraft?> his early life, family, and masonic connections > examining the lore (what's with all those asylums?)> the best and worst movie adaptations (yes there is a Nick Cage flick) > his influence in culture and music> does deep sea = deep space? > geolocating Rl'yeh> and much more!Panel: Johnny, Æther, Hollis, Erik HeathnatMusic Break: Iron Gods, by KadathCreepypasta: Tower of Silence, read by Bradshaw
Join Johnny, Reinhardt, Grognak, and Aether as the guys delve into the world of time travel. While a highly popular trope in fiction and mythology, is it actually possible? Are there multiple timelines, or is time just another resource to use in the simulation? Possibly the most important question of all is also answered: If time travel makes you gay...does double time travel make you straight? Is there a serious approach to the subject, or is this simply a hypothetical shitpost? Get /comfy/ and who knows…they may even be joined by a familiar face from the futurePanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Grognak, ÆtherGuest: A Time Traveler from both the past and futureMusic Break: Starspawn, by Blood IncantationCreepypasta: Never Have a Roommate, read by a time traveler
>Sydney Sweeny’s got boobs>The Oscars were on?>Universal’s new slogan: “At least we’re not as gay as Disney”>Candace Owens drops EGI bombshell>Candace Owens vs Rabbi Shmuley>India, a great place to visit, aside from the rape>Anal Bugs>Esoteric Facebook Lore>The Mystery War MachinePanel: Johnny, JackGuests: Typhus, HouseJeepCheck them out here: https://t.me/tasown https://t.me/RealTyphus Music Break: Kung Fu FIghting, by Carl Douglas
Johnny and Grognak welcome a friend of the show, Hollis from Arkham Farms, to go deep into esoterica.The guys discuss everything from Flat Earth to Simulation Theory, sprinkling in some “antiquitech” and off the wall theories regarding reality and the elite.Secure your tin-foil hats for an episode that is sure to nourish some healthy skepticism and spark your imaginations.Panel: Johnny, GrognakGuest: Hollis Check him out here: https://t.me/schizosteadingMusic Break: Bed For The Scraping, by FUGAZICreepypasta: The Mirror Entity, read by Jack
Johnny's finally gotten around to posting this, sorry fam! This is the podcast version of our stream from last week.• The Walking Dead, Preacher, and other shows • We deserve better psyops AND gayops • The Burning Bushnell• Everything is fake and gay. • Asshole in space: extremely red black hole • the "Implying Era"• Toppled moon lander sends back images of the moon before it's batteries die• Elon said a based thing. With an exclamation point‼️• Jacks first break song suggestion!• The Earth may have extra moons" Quasi-moondo" mini-moon nuggets • Rare Kings guard sighting in England: Is the King dead? Jacob Rothschild? • Jacob Rothschild is dead Ding-Dong the King is dead Panel: Johnny, Jack, Fash GordonMusic Break: Get To Da Choppa, by Austrian Death MachineNecronormiecon: It Is What It Is, by Shazam Watkins
Paranormal America is back with (another) Colorado episode! What's under Denver International Airport? Does Bigfoot ever come through the Rockies? Who is Blucifer and what the hell is a Tommyknocker? Johnny and the gang tackle these questions and more up in the thin air of Colorado! Panel: Johnny, Jack, Grognak
>Kansas City superbowl parade shooting>You can’t clap what you can’t see>AJ is BH is RM>Asteroid with far more ass than Tyler Swift>You’ve forced my Han(d) >revive a thousand year old religion -renaissance the ultimate larp>Jesus turned water into wine cuz the water was undrinkable >Don’t drink the water>Also: Don't eat zombie deerPanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Jack, Grognak Guest: Erik HeathnatMusic Break: Imminent Danger, by Tekeli-LiNecronormiecon: How To Use Machine Against The Machine, by Mike Ma and Shazam Watkins, read by Jack
Jason Breshears of Archaix joins Johnny and the guys once again, this time for a tour de force trip to Egypt.>Small hat habits>Giza secrets>Human longevity>Nimrod/Marduk/Gilgamesh>Pole Star Changes>Ancient Androgynous Agenda>The Tower of BabelPanel: Johnny, Alt Skull, Reinhardt, JackMusic Break: Like Fleas, by The Claypool Lennon DeliriumCreepypasta: I Got a Job As a Night Security Guard, read by Jack
No Guest, No Problem - February 18, 2024
We had a guest scheduled for this episode, but things came up and he had to reschedule at the last minute. So, that being said...enjoy our unscheduled shitposting episode fam!Panel: Johnny, Skull, Reinhardt, Jack, Grognak
The Nationalist Enquirer is back!!>The really big game>Stars, Satanism and Symbolism>Lots of Numerology>Another church gayop>Don’t bake your kidsPanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, JackMusic Break: Dungeon Synth X Witch House, by DunkelheitNecronormiecon:  Shazam Predicts Meat Shortages, read by Jack
Johnny, Reinhardt, Jack, Grognak No music breakNo pasta sry fam
The Nationalist Enquirer is back!!Neuralink GenesisLone SkumMoon IQ TestBiggest Troon vs Hairiest Troon Fighting Over the MoonTrucker Protest 2.0Made for TV dramaPanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Jack, and Grognak Music Break: Fake and Gay, by FoundringNecronormiecon: Corporate America from A fools renaissance, by Shazam Watkins,read by Jack
What is Dead Internet Theory? 💀How many interactions online are just bots?4chan, the bottom of the well, the start of conversation.Schroedinger's Search Engine: Google runs (literally) everything and nothing at the same timeSo long, and thanks for all the fake search resultsThe Sentient World Simulation and quantum computersBots, Deep Fakes, and fake peoplePanel: Johnny, Alt Skull, Otterwaffen Jack, GrognakMusic Break: Artificial Elements by WaveshaperCreepypasta: Mandrake, written by Grognak, read by Johnny
Replay of the Saturday Night Livestream. Who really was Jeffrey Epstein. Was he even real? The guys take a (hopefully) final look at Jeffery Epstein and the crazy cast of characters surrounding him, from actors to ambassadors, bankers and billionaires, scientists, socialites, and spies, to pedophiles and politicians (I know, i don't need to repeat myself). Let's get /comfy/ and see what's real and what's fake and gay.Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Otterwaffen JackMusic Break: Mama Sed (Live), by PusciferCreepypasta: Undertow, written by Grognak, read by Reinhardt, music arranged by Æther
Choose Your Own Adventure: The Shul Is In Your Walls or Talmuds and TunnelsJohnny, Reinhardt, Jack, and Grognak have a “session zero” to talk about certain characters, roll our stats, and make some cracks.This is the live stream replay where you'll find the visual guides to help aid you through this adventure, shul(d) you choose to delve into the dark underworld of the Synagogue (of Satan) at 770Music Break: Utarmede Gruver by Taake
If you like the discussions about the Old World TM, you’re going to love this one! The Restitutor Orbis’ channel’s own Lucious Aurelian dropped by for a pre-Yuletide livestream on Friday. The guys get into more theorizing about Tartaria, airships, antiquitech, who the inhabitants were, and how they may have disappeared. Come get /comfy/ on Christmas with the Paranormies with the final episode of season 8. Merry Christmas fam!Panel: Johnny, JackGuest: Lucious Aurelian, check him out here: https://www.youtube.com/@Restitutor_Orbis_214https://www.reddit.com/user/Restitutor_Orbis_214/https://twitter.com/L_Aurelian214https://rumble.com/c/c-2618964Music Break: Multiple Paranormies’ Themes
Side 1:• the Napoleon Complex is DEBOONKED• Johnny and Dogbot have a waiting for apologies breathholding contest• Funeral and eulogy for Podcaster guyer's vanity project Side 2: • The Mendocino Plan• Jim Jones handed over MK ULTRA test results, puts them into practice• Jonestown used to test run AIDS• The Experiment and the final White Night• So Long And Thanks For All The FishPanel: Johnny, DogbotMusic Break: Slateman,by GODFLESH Creepypasta: My Roommate Loves Watching Horror Films at Full Volume, read by Jack
The (extremely likely) fed gayop that is the NJP is imploding (sunsetting the op) after losing (firing?) yet ANOTHER founder and member of the “Central Committee”. Wasting no time, the gang welcome Jack's cohosts from The Absolute State of White Nationalism’s Hans Gruber and HouseJeep to the show for some live alogging! (This is the replay)Panel: Johnny, Jack, Fash GordonGuests: Hans Gruber, HouseJeepCheck them out, with Jack (and occasionally Johnny) at: https://odysee.com/@theabsolutestateofwn:5https://t.me/tasownMusic Break: Adam’s Penitence, by Iratus Vir
This week's tour of the fake and the gay, aka: the news!>Alexandria explosion + what could they be covering up>Venezeula’s totally democratic Guyana takeover>Fearporn Redux>The Podfather listens to the Paranormies>Steel Snake returns in the second hour with more sweet Tartarian architecture photosPanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, JackGuest: Steel SnakeMusic Break: Dunkelheit, by BurzumNecronormiecon: Before the Future Gets Too Low, read by Jack
Johnny and Alt Skull are joined by Brian S Staveley for another banger of a discussion! From fear porn to Mandela to 9/11 and other fake media events, the conversation gets hot and heavy and it begins almost immediately…Get /comfy/ this one’s a good’n!Panel: Johnny, Alt SkullGuest: Brian S Staveley, check him out here:Please follow Brian S Staveley at the following linksYouTube(Main Channel)https://www.youtube.com/@BrianSStaveleyRumblehttps://rumble.com/c/BrianSStaveleyTwitterhttps://twitter.com/BrianSStaveleyTelegram Group (For All To Chat and Share)https://t.me/+DYfO53-9LcQ4OTkxTelegram Channel (Push Notis For All My Shows. Only Brian Posts Here)https://t.me/+e5DdOn-BmXZiZGUxRokfinhttps://rokfin.com/BrianSStaveleyAll Other platforms including social media, merch, donations, emails, backup channels and more can be found all on this one webpage from Brian's Website@https://www.therealnewsonline.com/my-links.htmlMusic Break: May Angels SMile Upon You, by XuriousCreepypasta: The Capitol Insurrection Was Worse Than You Thought, read by Jack
Oh boy. The schadenfreude...>NJP: lol, lmao even>Elon Takes A Trip To Atrocity Disneyland>Come Out Ye Black and Tans (so you can get arrested for hate speech)>King Move>End The Fed (but this time for real)>Pizzagate is definitely realPanel: Johnny, Jack, Fash GordonMusic Break: We Are The Champions, by Queen & Two High, by Red FangNecronormiecon: Interior Design, from A Fool’s Renaissance, by Shazam Watkins, read by Jack
Gary Wayne joins the Paranormies for installment number three— The Genesis 6 Conspiracy Part II!After almost 8 years, Gary has a brand new volume in the Genesis 6 library releasing in 2024 that delves even deeper into the wars, hierarchy, and origins of the Nephilim both before and after the flood.From there, Gary stresses the importance of understanding the ancient past in order to prepare for the coming future.Join Johnny and Reinhardt as they get a firsthand look at Gary’s new book!Panel: Johnny, ReinhardtGuest: Gary WayneCheck him out here: https://genesis6conspiracy.com/Creepypasta: I never imagined that a single night could redefine my understanding of life…. read by Jack
Your weekly booster of the fake, the gay, and the fake and gay, aka: the news.>Saturn's rings go missing>The Martian, but on the moon>1 do 100>Tuskens vs Watto continues>Star Light, Star Bright, A Few Less Stars I See TonightPanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, JackMusic Break: At The Maw Of The Black Mountain, by Storm KingNecronormiecon: Proverbs 24:1-12, read by Jack
Johnny and Skull have the show to themselves this week and they get down to it right off the bat:>Human download and the Agent Smith phenomenon>Predictive Programming: massive multi-year script or supernatural event>Oppenheimer: an alchemical dichotomy of lies mixed with truth drops>Movies ruined by this modern system, classic characters and girl boss Mary SuesGet /comfy/ and let's dig in!Panel: Johnny, Alt SkullCreepypasta: My Friend Named Jack, read by Jack
The guys take their weekly look into the fake, the gay, and the fake AND gay, AKA the news>Army: Dear white boys, we need you…>Project Purple Beam?>Release the ANTI-WHITE Trannifesto>An Alabama Mayoral Surprise Ending>David Copperfield rips off Despicable MePanel: Johnny, Jack, GrognakMusic Break: Fra Vadested Til Vaandesmed, by TaakeNecronormiecon: The Holy Bibie:1 Peter 1:3-25, read by Jack
Johnny and Grognak welcome first time guest Lucius Aurelian, an independent researcher who covers the alternative history of what we know as the old world.Get /comfy/ and settle in for what is sure to be a classic episode on Tartaria and the classical world.Panel: Johnny, GrognakGuest: Lucious AurelianCheck him out HERE: https://www.youtube.com/@Restitutor_Orbis_214 HERE: https://twitter.com/L_Aurelian214 and HERE: https://rumble.com/c/c-2618964Creepypasta: I Thought I Could Trick The Devil, read by Jack
>1% of hockey players commit 100% of on ice murders>The Trans Agenda: Troons Take the Universe>Twitter was a state agent (BUT NOT ANYMORE WINK WINK)>Was It Just Witchy Weather in Salem?>Pennsyltucky Orc Defense Force>Buy the Egyptian Book of the Dead, on Amazon. No Seriously, you can buy it on Amazon>The “Bat Soup Theory” is back on the menuPanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, GrognakMusic Break: Doppelganger by Arcade High
The guys get into a spooky groove for the evening and pick apart spider webs, then we pick apart ghost hunting! What makes your skin crawl? Johnny Skywalker, Reinhardt Van Helsing, Jack the Ripper, and Grognak Returns take an eight legged look into arachnids and ghost hunters.Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Grognak, JackMusic Break: Spiderbaby, by FãntomasCreepypasta: Spider Gates, written by Grognak, read by Reinhardt
Typhus and Fash Gordon drop by to join Johnny and Jack to help figure out if this week's cavalcade of news is or isn't fake or gay, or both. (Spoiler: It's both) >Did Israel trying to turn Gaza into Gone-za cause Bitcoins bullish bounce? >Project: Del Boca Vista 2, Palestinian Jewgaloo>Chuck Johnson confirms what we all already knew: Glowies glow>and more!Buckle up, get /comfy/ and let’s GOOOOOOOOOOOOOPanel: Johnny, Jack, Typhus, Fash GordonMusic Break: Supercell, by King Gizzard and the Lizard WizardNecronormiecon: Java Joes, from It Is The Secret, by PT, read by Jack
Join Johnny, Alt Skull and Reinhardt for another spoopy Friday Night Livestream! The guys head to the land of the Rising Sun to dive into the spiritual realm of Japan! From the suicide forest and turtle sprites to more insane demons than you ever thought existed, this was a fun one. Buckle up, get /comfy/ and enjoy the show!Panel: Johnny, Alt Skull, ReinhardtCreepypasta: The Man With The Bump, read by Alt Skull
Erik Heathnat from Metal Up Your Fash joins Johnny and the guys for this week's tour de force of newsy shitpoasting.>Jack Black Pitfall>Neolithic morning wood>Zombie chicken nuggets>Ding dong, who’s there? Antisemitism>Adderall, hey, at least it’s not crack>Robots and Japan: Wow, I didn’t know that. You’re telling me now for the first time.Panel: Johnny, Grognak, Reinhardt, Erik HeathnatMusic Break: Night Goat, by the MelvinsNecronormiecon: Gothic Structures Under A Silent Heaven, by Mike Ma, read by Shazam Watkins
If it’s October it’s horror movie season. If it’s Friday the 13th, it’s the Paranormies shitpoasting episode. What happens when these two converge?This week the guys are joined by Æther for a look back at some of the best and worst horror movies. Which ones held up, which ones didn’t and much more. So, pop some popcorn, get /comfy/ and let’s talk horror flicks!Panel: Johnny, Grognak, Reinhardt, ÆtherMusic Break: Macabre, by Salvia ViperCreepypasta: Creepypasta Guide, read by Johnny
Are your citizens uninterested in war? Covid, aliens, and the Ukraine war not working anymore? What are the ruling elites to do? The peasantry just aren’t paying enough attention (but plenty of taxes). Time to bust out “Old Reliable”: Israel vs Hamas! Johnny and Jack are joined by Fash Gordon to discuss this “totally real and not another fake and gay psyop” going on in Palestine. Who did what to who? What’s in the media, and what’s not? What’s been done before, and what’s brand new? Get /comfy/ for all this and more!Panel: Johnny, Jack, Fash GordonMusic Break: Terminator 2 theme (Loop)Necronormiecon: Basics of PSYOP by Jim Fetzer, from Political theater in Charlottesville, read by Jack
Plug in and join Paranormies during spooky season! Charge up your Halloween season with a look at Frankenstein!The guys talk about all things Frankenstein from the original book (was it REALLY written by Mary Shelley?) to the movies and the possible origins of the story…which brings us around to shtetls, ghettoes, and golems…OY VEY!! Get /comfy/ and let’s start off Spooptober with a MONSTER EPISODE!Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Jack, GrognakMusic Break: The Siege and Investiture of Baron von Frankenstein's Castle at Weisseria, by Blue Oyster CultCreepypasta: The Monsters’ Party, read by Jack
Your weekly dose of shitposting, news (lol), entertainment, sports, and spoop!>America spelled backwards is Debt.>Emergency Phone Test of Death>Front Pocket Ball Shrinkage Bingo>Golems for my enemies!>T shirts for salePanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Jack, GrognakMusic Break: Daikaiju, by Zombie HaremNecronormiecon: Don’t Mind Me, from It Is The Secret, by P.T.
The guys welcome back our friends Jason Breshears and Martin Liedtke. We shoot the spoop about celebrity replacements and the hijinks of today's ruling class. In the second hour, the guys get into the subject of giants! East Asia, Eurasia, Albion, Afghanistan, Nevada, California…they were pretty much everywhere! Get /comfy/, this one was a lot of fun!Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Jack, GrognakGuests: Jason Breshears, find him here: https://archaix.tv/ and https://www.youtube.com/@Archaix138Martin Leidke, find him here: https://www.youtube.com/@martinliedtkeFEB67 and https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClYM6KT4R8yMCYPCh8GwbgAMusic Break: Phoenix, by SatyriconCreepypasta: My Wife Hates That My Son Is Just Like Me, read by Jack
>Deftones can only work on flat plane>NASA NEWS: Space time capsule or Rubbermaid bin?>(Fake) records set in space>Is there life on Mars? (Spoiler Alert: No.)>The methed up math teacher>Punked: The Congressional Seasons, with Ashton Fetterman >JP Morgan are filthy no coiners>There's a hole in your Ionosphere>Neurolink trials for quadriplegics>Missing kids in Ohio>Is Big Mike on the rise?Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Jack, GrognakMusic Break: Endless Apocalypse, by GWARNecronormiecon: Short People Are Taller Than Tall People, from It Is The Secret, by Shazam Watkins, read by Jack
Old Scary World dropped by to hang out with Johnny and the boys. He's got a great YT channel with videos on the Old World ranging from San Francisco and the California Bay Area to Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and Russia, and all sorts of mudflooded places in between! He brought some of his favorite pics from his collection to show us, so let's get /comfy/ and take a look at what the world once was!Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, JackGuest: Old Scary WorldCheck him out here: OldScaryworld.comYouTube: https://youtube.com/@oldscaryworld?si=RLNBy233U7Ha8GRoInstagram: https://instagram.com/mudfloodmemes?igshid=OGQ5ZDc2ODk2ZA==https://oldscaryworld.bandcamp.comMusic Break: Annunaki, by Silent PlanetCreepypasta: Parasite, read by Jack
>F-35 female “crash”, no evidence>Aaron Rodgers 9/11>Eat Hot Chip and Die (in Worcester)>Bennu Asteroid (In space I guess they CAN hear your coronal mass ejaculate)>Palm Springs AIDS butthole statue (no, seriously)>India's Nipple Bat Virus (also srs business)Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Jack, GrognakMusic Break: CYBERCRIMES, by Sidewalks and SkeletonsNecronormiecon: The Whole World Is A Deep Grave, from Gothic Violence, by Mike Ma, read by Jack
Johnny, Reinhardt and Jack are joined by a NEW friend from across the pond, Leo. Being from Norway, Leo has some incredible knowledge into the goings-on of not only government sanctioned satanic initiatives but also the religious effects of the various faith clashes that have occurred over the years. From witch coven murders and paranormal experiences to royal bloodline conspiracies that for some reason focus on giants…you’re in for a treat. Also, they address the FQ (the Finland Question™)Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, JackGuest: Leo from Norway, check out his Substack: https://nielsleo.substack.com/?utm_source=byline&utm_content=writes&nthPub=61Creepypasta: I Don’t Sleep, read by Jack
>Steampunk is big gay futuristic western>Girls with guns>Happy 9/11's eve>Alex Jones Bill Hicks deboonkers>The “Trial” of Bonerface>Nazi and Hitler “influence” on Jim Jones>Going to temple (literally) >Involvement in Cuba>Involvement in Guyana >Teaching at university in BrazilPanel: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, JackMusic Break: People Are Poison, by Cold CaveCreepypasta: The Day Of Reckoning, read by Jack
>Gayop season kicks off in FL>Sharpieface and Cuckoldry, wignats gone wild>Chivalry, thy name is racist>How do you make the NJP LLC (National J*wish Party) look good?>Spidermensch>I went to Burning Man and all I got was Monkeypox and chemical burns>Slumdog-Millionnaire or Galaxydog-BillionairePanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, JackMusic Break: Boost Yourself, by PhlegminemNecronormiecon: What is a Movement & What is a Framework, by PT, read by Jack
Johnny, Reinhardt, Jack, and Grognak take a paranormal look at the state of Alaska!>Devon Stack shredding>Beasts and Earthquakes, HAARP>Big Black Pyramid>Hairy Claws: the elite athlete of the Sasquatches>The Otterman comethPanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, JackMusic Break: The Marriage of Coyote Woman, by All Them WitchesCreepypasta: Kushtaka, read by Jack
The boys shitpost the news (again):>Bob Barker's 3 lives down>That 70's Duke>Disney hates you>Lockdown on the horizon? (We told you so)>Insane In the Brain (Worms)>Canned Vax>The Dork StuffPanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, JackMusic Break: Ambrosius, by GnomeNecronormiecon: Read Thy Bible, by Shazam Watkins, read by Jack
A VERY short one this week:>We told you so's>OA is fake n’ gay>Digital ID: pressing X>Johnny gets food poisoningPanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, JackNecronormiecon: The Right Path, from Burning Souls, by Leon Degrelle, read by Jack
In case you missed it, Johnny, DB, Reinhardt, and Jack broke down more coverage of the Maui "wildfires", LIVE on Pilled, Odysee, and DLive. What is true, what is false, what's fake and gay, and what is real and heterosexual. This is the replay, complete with creepypasta! Get /comfy/ and let's gooooooooooooo!Panel: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, JackMusic break: Obeyed, by GodfleshCreepypasta: He Watches, read by Jack
A good friend of the show, musician and overall cool dude Greg Arcade drops by to join Johnny, Reinhardt, Jack, and Fash Gordon for a round of shitposting the current things. Up tonight, literally (mostly) two topics>Oliver Anthony, psyop or gayop?>Maui “Fires” >SO. MANY. COINCIDENCES.Get /comfy/ and let’s gooooooooooooo!Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Jack, Fash GordonGuest: Greg Arcade, check him out here: https://gregarcade.com/ and on Telegram: https://t.me/TheLegendOfGregArcadeMusic break: Psyopped Again, by Greg Arcade and My Dad Says That’s For Pussies, by The Bloodhound GangNecronormiecon: Take Comfort, from A Fool’s Renaissance, by Shazam Watkins, read by Jack
Jason from Archaix drops by the show once again, this time for an informal discussion ranging from AI, the Metaverse TM, useless eaters, simulation, NPCs, and the possibility of uploading consciousness into the machine. All with that Paranormies twist, so download yourself into a /comfy/ position and let's get spoopy! Panel: Johnny, Alt Skull, JackGuest: Jason Breshears, check him out here: https://archaix.tv/ and on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@Archaix138 Music break: Why Do You Trust These Liars, by Conspiracy Music GuruCreepypasta: AMETHYST ALERT, written by Grognak, read by Jack
>They cloned Tyrone (poorly)>A desert blockage>Invasion of the Hammerhead worms>That moth…that marketing exec is NOT REAL!>Preorder your 'Disease X' now!>Tech support goes to the moonPanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Jack, GrognakMusic break: Hex, By Dance With the DeadNecronormiecon: The Homosexuality of Politics in the Modern Era, by Shazam Watkins, read by Jack
Johnny Monoxide and Alt Skull take on the (pancake…apparently?) world together! Join the bros for this replay of a special weekend stream that will cover flat earth, globe earth, captain blackpill, artificial intelligence, tons of memes, and more!CHECK OUT THE VIDEO REPLAY HERE: https://odysee.com/@Paranormies:4/PNS8EP52:6Panel: Johnny, Alt SkullMusic break:After Dark (Bane Cover), by Mr. Kitty
>Pee Wee’s Big Top In the Sky>Chinese ManBearPig>Bon Voyage voyager!>Joe “I am the AI” Biden>How to starve your vegan>The Art of the Scam: The SBF Saga Continues>The Many X’s of Lone SkumPanel: Johnny, Fash Gordon, Otterwaffen Jack, GrognakMusic break: Panzerschokolade, by RomeNecronormiecon: Abolish Thy Boys in Blue, from A Fools Renaissance, by Shazam Watkins, read by Jack
It is classic Paranormies lore that Johnny is well known for NOT listening to podcasts. That is almost true, I do like this one show from Canuckistan called Blood $atellite. Their intrepid host (and Radiohead respecter extraordinaire) Dimes drops in on Johnny and Aether for a conversation about a conspiracy not often talked about, sprinkled with bit of Blood $atellite Bingo for good measure. Let's get /comfy/ and see what the boys get into tonight.Panel: Johnny, AetherGuest: Dimes, Check out his show here: https://bloodsatellite.ca/Creepayasta: Pass It On, read by Reinhardt
We Shitpost the News...Again>Arkancide Strikes Martha’s Vinyard>Bronny’s First (Cardiac) Arrest>tWo WeEkS, cOnSpiRiTaRD>Otter Surf Pirates>X vs Worldcoin: Crypto Beef?>How A Nugget Bit BackPanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, JackMusic Break: Another Space Song, by FailureNecronormiecon: Elaboration on Trad-Thots, from A Fool's Renaissance, by Shazam Watkins
Prepare yourself for a very /comfy/ Nationalist Enquirer!>RFK Jr cuckery>Celeb replacements>Disney™️ Paranormies >Mother Teresa charity trafficking >The (((Sound))) of (((Freedom)))>Chipping kids>WorkpostingPanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, JackMusic Break: Catching Smoke, by King Gizzard and the Lizard WizardNecronormiecon: Are Zoos Racist, and Other Questions, from It Is the Secret by P.T.
Another favorite episode blast from the past! Season 6 was when the guys discovered this deep, dark rabbit hole. Enjoy fam!From CERN and the World Wide Web to the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization to the YMCA, the Red Cross, the World Council of Churches, the Jesuits, the Lutherans, and the Holy See, literally EVERY international bureaucratic or religious body is headquartered in Geneva Switzerland. Must just be all those great tax laws, right? Let's get a few balls of colored string, a handful of thumbtacks, and lets "Pepe Silvia" our way from Switzerland to Israel to the rest of the realm.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ListofinternationalorganizationsbasedinGenevaWith: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, JackMusic Break: Flowers, by GodfleshCreepypasta: Sleep, read by Jack
>Supremely Based Decisions?>Right to Refuse>Lone Skum's Leaky Satellites>Robot Presser>Frankenchicken>The Manson”girls”Panel: Johnny, Jack, GrognakMusic Break: Diamond, by All Them WitchesNecronormiecon: The Key To Life, by Shazam Watkins
Thanks to the Ocean Gate “submarine story”, the Titanic conspiracies have been dug out of the attic. So, Johnny, Skull, and Jack take you back to 1912, only to go beyond the official, graduated animal farm conspiracy narrative with a completely new take on this famous tale.>Titanic, Olympic, or Scrap?>Guggenheim, Astor and Strauss: ackshually assassinated, or just part of the multi-layer story?>Captain Smith: the rootinest, tootinest rodeo ship captain you ever did see.>JP Morgan and Lucky Larry Silverstein’s Fortuitous Sick Days>James Cameron’s 33 trips to the Abyss>Is there even anything actually down there?>Did the Titanic OR the Olympic even sink at all?/comfy/ timePanel: Johnny, Alt Skull, Jack
The guys go back for another slice of Layer Cake EarthTM. What monsters and "men" dwell beneath us? Join us for a discussion that’ll take you deep underground, past the DUMBS, to the underworld. Agartha, Shamballah, Shangri-La, and more amazing places await us on our journey. Are “aliens from outer space” just denizens of the deeper layers of the Earth? Do “alien abductions” actually occur underground? What are Elon and the USAF really doing with their tunneling machines? Let’s get /comfy/ and find out!Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, GrognakBreak Music: Diablo Tristram Theme, arranged for classical guitar, by Jonas LefvertCreepypasta: Return of the Invisible Man, written by Grognak, read by Reinhardt
Typhus from Typhus' Tavistock Institute on Telegram joins Johnny and the guys for a shitposty Tuesday night tour of the latest in current events, aka the fake and gay news.>(Dead) Yellow Submarine>Mom Said No Celebrity Death Match>Wagner who?>Near Death Experiences>3d printed Mars Experience>Weaponized Robot Dog Update>Space Force CommandoPanel: Johnny, Grognak, JackGuest: Typhus Tavistock, check him out here: https://t.me/RealTyphusBreak Music: Die Passage, by Antrisch
Martin had audio issues starting around the 56 minute mark. He couldn't hear us anymore. We recommend watching the video, which you can watch here: https://odysee.com/@Paranormies:4/2023-06-24-20-00-21:0>Ancient Dragons and Alchemy>Phoenix Events>Petrified Statues>Old World Technology>Martin audio issues and break>Dragons in Pop Culture and Mythology>Slapping Women Who Need It>Spanking Women Who Need It>Taking a Gorgon From BehindPanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Alt Skull, GrognakGuest: Martin Leidke, AKA: Flat Earth British, check him out here: https://www.youtube.com/@martinliedtkeFEB67Break Music: Dragon, by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
>Subpar Submarine Expedition>Hunter Cops A Feel (for a plea deal)>No time for Scam Bankman Fraud...yet?>Sweaty and Shivering Andies>Robot dogs and copycats>Joe Rogan shills antivax vs vax shill debate>Chinese "space station" footage>Beijing Monkey chipping>Better with Cheddar (and Morgellons)Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Jack, GrognakMusic Break: Wires, by Red FangNecronormiecon:A Closer Look At Asians, Harassment Architecture, by Mike Ma, read by Jack
The inimitable Mr. E is back again for another livestream! Johnny, DB, and Skull were joined live by the internet's most prolific transvestigator but if you missed it on Pilled, DLive, or Odysee streams , we've got you covered! Panel: Johnny, Dogbot, Alt SkullGuest: Mr. E Check him out at: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/OAx0XCP2TC4a/
This week's News roundup:>Trump’s perp walk>Zuckerbot>Ayyys On the Vegas Strip>UFO Disclosure, again>Nude Sushi>Elliot Page was always male>Female Firefighters lol>and more!Panel: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, JackMusic Break: Toxipharmakiea, by Iratus VirNecronormiecon: Annual Report: Smithsonian 1874, read by Dogbot
Tonight, Johnny and Dogbot talk to Schwab from Schwabstack on Substack (@realhumanschwab on Twitter) on a wide variety of spoopy subjects.>Bugnats>Tulpas>Men in black>Time slips>Anamnesis>Reality constructsAnd much more!Panel: Johnny & DogbotGuest: SchwabCheck him out at : https://schwabstack.substack.com/ and https://twitter.com/realhumanschwabMusic Break: Mythology of Self, by GODFLESHCreepypasta: Smile.Dog.JPEG, read by Dogbot
>Damar Hamlen Homunculus>Witches gone wild>UFO's>Gay Light Beer (but I repeat myself)>DNA Damage? Splenda!>Keto tomfoolery>Armenian Antifa GenocidePanel: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, Jack, and GrognakMusic Break: Dead Between The Walls (Remastered) by PelicanCreepypasta: Ascend, Ascend, You Must Ascend. From "A Fools Renaissance" by Shazam Watkins, read by Jack
Johnny and Co. were joined on this Sunday Night Live livestream by NoIDon'tThinkSo from the new interview show Lore Crimes for the first hour and Hook from Metal Up Your Fash for the second. Let's get /comfy/ and catch this replay!Panel: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, Jack, and GrognakGuests: NoIDon’tThinkSo and HookCheck out Lore Crimes here: https://rumble.com/v2s3q5o-lore-crimes-episode-1-ubersoy.htmlCheck out MUYF here: https://audio.nobodyhasthe.biz/api/v1/channels/metalupyourfash/rssMusic Break: Caldera Death Cult, by Storm KingCreepypasta: The Horseless Casino, read by Reinhardt
>If it isn’t matter, does it matter?>On Fasces>Peruvian White Power Powder>Paramore Political Punditry?>Will AI make us go bye bye?>Big bang inflationary tales>Space and GayPanel: Johnny, Dogbot, Jack, and GrognakMusic Break: Betrayal, by Russian CirclesNecronormiecon: Philosophy In One Lesson, by Caleb Q Washington, read by Johnny
We were supposed to have Jason Breshears from Archaix and Martin Liedke from Flat Earth British come on Sunday night for Memorial Day livestream that was interrupted by technical difficulties, but the show went on! The guys start by taking a good look at the phony historical accounts of both the War of Northern Aggression aka "The Civil War" and the "World War.Weapons of war: the fasces, direct energy weapons, and 9/11. The predictive elements of the world's events. What really happened during these "wars" and were they actually wars at all or is the history just a cover for something far more insidious? Let's get /comfy/ and find out!Panel: Johnny, Alt Skull, Jack, and GrognakGuests: Jason Breshears and Martin LiedkeCheck Jason out here : https://www.youtube.com/@Archaix138Check Martin out here: https://www.youtube.com/@martinliedtkeFEB67
TNE: Bombs and Vagene - May 24, 2023
>More brown White supremacist terror >At least they ironed the flag this time>The Alex Jones saga>Massive amount of Miracle-Gro Gone Missing>Camo cans > trans cans>The Next PlandemicPanel: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, Jack, and GrognakMusic Break: The Alchemist, by SpotlightsCreepypasta: On Earth’s Shape and Meaning, from A Fool’s Renaissance by Shazam Watkins, read by Jack
Johnny and Jack are joined by Mike Sledge, Dave Scorpio, and Clint Eastwoodendoors, the crew from the F250 Show. Check them out at:Podbean (main): https://americannationalradionetwork.podbean.comOdysee: https://odysee.com/@scorpiosledgeShow:9GoyimTV: https://www.goyimtv.com/channel/3753396173/MikeSledgeTelegram: https://t.me/F250Report Gab: https://gab.com/ScorpioSledgePanel: Johnny and JackGuests: Mike Sledge, Dave Scorpio, Clint EastwoodoorsCreepypasta:The Creature Under My Bed, read by Jack
Johnny and Grognak welcome Aether to the show for the first time to talk about one of science fiction’s most prolific writers. What is so spoopy about this man, and how did he turn out to be such an accurate predictor of the future. Was it drugs, imagination, or was he another MK ULTRA system plant/victim?Get /comfy/ and join the guys for a talk about PKD the man and two of his best-known works.Panel: Johnny, Grognak, and AetherBreak Music: Flesh Hold, by Fear FactoryCreepypasta: A Computation Ditch, written by Grognak, read by Reinhardt
The team assembles as Johnny, Jack, Grognak, and Fash Gordon to review the weekly F&G.>CLEARANCE sale at the mall. WN shooting seems 100% off>Coronation Creature Feature>Proud Boy Pictography>Chinese Space Spoofs>Trump Legal Jew-Jitsu>Ball girls make way for girls with balls>Californication for scholarsPanel: Johnny, Fash Gordon, Jack, and GrognakBreak Music: Return… by ThronNecronormiecon:Preparing Religious People to Accept the Alien Serpent Savior, read by Reinhardt
The boys take a trip through the volunteer state, what kinds of paranormal oddities are we in store for this week? Bigfoot: check. More cryptids: check. Government secrets: check. Haunted and hidden places: check. From the mountains to the hollers and everywhere in between, Tennessee has got you covered. Let's get /comfy/ and see what spoop Appalachia has to offer.Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, and JackBreak Music: The Trooper (Iron Maiden Cover): by Steve ‘n Seagulls
>More Epstein dog wagging>Big bank Holocaust>Literally r*t*rded scholars in the Army >Saint Trayvon goes to space>Tucker is gone, time to bring back ISIS>Giant of Kandahar >Met Gala gayness >Navy homo propaganda>New balloon?>Army nuke exercises for…some reason?Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, and JackBreak Music: A Mercurian Summer, by Angel VivaldiNecronormiecon: Churchward: Fantasy or Fact?, read by Reinhardt
The largest domestic terrorist attack in modern American history (until 9/11) deserves a review. Who was Timothy Mcveigh and how fake and how gay was the OKC bombing? How does it tie to White nationalism? Come take a peek under the hood of this poorly run gayop with Johnny, Dogbot, and Grognak. Panel: Johnny, Dogbot, and GrognakBreak Music: Bring Back the Bomb, by GWARCreepypasta: After Getting Into Heaven, read by Jack
>Hello Clarice>The scholar broke the tugger>AI to replace email race>Tucker Lemon demise>Biolab capture the flag>Wuhan v.2 electric Boogaloo>Japanese lunar lulzPanel: Johnny Monoxide, Reinhardt, Jack, Fash Gordon, GrognakBreak Music: Wargod, by ImmortalCreepypasta: Three Feet On The Gas, by Mike Ma, Read by Jack
Johnny, Reinhardt, Alt Skull and Jack are joined by Chief Gus for the 4th installment of the “nuclear question”!Nuclear power, how does it (supposedly) really work? If it doesn’t make bombs, what can it be used for? Have the famous disasters of 3 Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima been completely fabricated or is there an element of truth?Get /comfy/ and enjoy the show!Panel: Johnny Monoxide, Reinhardt, Alt Skull, and JackGuest: Chief GusBreak Music: Dragon-Sickness, by Iratus VirCreepypasta: Chinese Antarctic Expedition: 1930, Read by Jack
>pentagon leaks >monkeypox, thanks gays! >jack nicholson’s fed up >autistic azov propaganda >pride demons >big gun stranded in LA >security robot suicide Panel: Johnny Monoxide, Reinhardt, Dogbot, Jack, Grognak Break Music: Nero, by GODFLESH Necronormiecon: The Times, A Bar, by Mike Ma, Read by Jack
Another classic for your listening pleasure while the boys are on vacation. This one ACTUALLY won the poll a couple weeks ago, so here you go! Get /comfy/ and take a trip back to season 1 without ACKSHUALLY time traveling!TRIGGER WARNING: Really awful stuff on today's episode! I won't sugar coat it: we're diving feet first into the investigation known as Pizzagate: the disgusting, abominable child sexual abuse ring centered around the Comet/Ping Pong Pizza restaurants in Washington DC. John Podesta's emails leaked by Wikileaks have led researchers to uncover a vile child trafficking ring that includes the most powerful people in the United States. How deep does the rabbit hole go? Nobody really knows, but join us today to learn about what we know now.Panel: Johnny Monoxide, Adam Haidt, Death, Scott Taylor
TNE: False Flag Fatigue - April 12, 2023
Johnny, Reinhart, Dogbot, Grognak, and Fash Gordon make a mockery of the "news">Mass Shooting fatigue>Manbearpig we’re super cereal>Probing of Uranus >Ukraine glowie btfo>obligatory 90s posting segment>Dylan was here…>Who owns the YouTubers?Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, Fash Gordon, and GrognakBreak Music: Expedition 1 by AntrischCreepypasta: Wisdom and Know How, by Stan Gooch, read by Dogbot8
Johnny Reinhardt and Grognak take on the legend of the Lycanthrope. Werewolves and Dogmen, real or nah? Let's get /comfy/ and find out!>Werewolf movies>Legend origins in the modern world>Modern sightings>Ancient lycanthropes>Cannibalism/Rituals/Curses>Cajun and Romanian Werewolves>Dogman and Loup Garou>Legendary Werewolves>Mark of the BeastPanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, and GrognakBreak Music: Of Wolf and Man (Metallica cover), by VanisherCreepypasta: Smile Dog, read by Dogbot
TUESDAY’S LIVESTREAM REPLAY (complete with echo, sorry about that fam)Jack came back (again) for the Nationalist Enquirer and stayed for the shitposting>Apple, bringing technology and weapons together…at last?>drag bears? r-rawr?>Bud Light: down the drain with Dylan>Kid Rock owns guns>Why are all the good conspiracies antisemetic>AI assisted suicide>and morePanel: Johnny, Dogbot, and Otterwaffen JackBreak Music: Wisdom, by FleshkillerCreepypasta: Occult Theology, The Gnostics, read by Reinhardt
The guys FINALLY tackle the EQ:The English Question. Where did it come from? Why was it created in the first place? Is language really spellcraft? What was the Great Vowel Shift? Can you really reset a language? Do words ACKSHUALLY hurt and who the heck is Janus? Get /comfy/ and let's find out!With: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, Alt Skull, and JackBreak Music: Our Wounds Are Opposite, by Swarm IntelligenceCreepypasta: My Encounter With The Floyd Creature, read by Jack the Intern
TUESDAY’S LIVESTREAM REPLAY >oh wow, another “white man” shoots up a school>is the latest “school shooting” just some gayop trans shooter revenge porn cop training scenario?>is it just an AI generated story, complete with video?>reviving twitter. WE DO IT LIVE>fetterman respawns, hands a-hovering>i scream you scream, we all scream for ice cream.Panel: Johnny, Dogbot, and GrognakBreak Music: Transition 2 Win, by BaditudeCreepypasta: Standing Stones, an Interpretation, read by Dogbot
Johnny and Grognak welcome back chronologist extraordinaire Jason Breshears from Archaix. We talk about all things books for the first half before getting into some Paranormies style questions later on. Tune in and enjoy another excellent show with Jason!Panel: Johnny and GrognakGuest: Jason BreshearsFind him here: https://archaix.com/YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/@Archaix138Break Music: Californication (RHCP cover), by MixedUpEverythingCreepypasta: Human Condition, written by Grognak and read by Reinhardt
Fash Gordon returns to the Paranormies for his first Nationalist Enquirer!>cyberpunk in hollywood>AI sends Trump to the big house (Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/EliotHiggins/status/1637927681734987777)>Elon and Neuralink: Thought status: patrolled>chips, they aren’t just for eating>Roger Ebert is a cyborg>Paranormies right again (and again)>Brandon makes more memesPanel: Johnny, Dogbot, Fash Gordon, GrognakBreak Music: Valhalla, by BathoryNecronormiecon: Audience Influence, read by Dogbot
A look at the Druids of Ireland. What did they know about resets? Who Was Saint Patrick? Was he a necromancer who had a bromance with an angel? What about Leprechauns and other underworld money changers? Pull out your lucky charms and take out your pipe. It's Saint Patty's day Paranormies style.Panel: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, GrognakBreak Music: Songs of Gods and Men, by Darkest EraCreepypasta: A New Ice Age Pt. 2, written by Grognak, read by Reinhardt
Johnny and Dogbot are joined by Telegram’s own shitposter extraordinaire Typhus of Typhus’ Tavistock Testing Center for this week’s Nationalist Enquirer. Not much in the way of news aside from the Silicon Valley Bank bank run on the peninsula in the Bay Area of Commiefornia.What actually happened? Who started it and why? What does this affect? Is your cash safe in your checking account? Is this even a real event or is it another “false flag” run on the banks in the west, setting up another scripted collapse?If you missed the livestream yesterday, Johnny, Dogbot and Typhus have got you covered, fam.Panel: Johnny and DogbotGuest: Typhus, check him out here: https://t.me/RealTyphusBreak Music: Everything’s Ruined, by Faith No MoreNecronormiecon: New Deal In Old Rome, read by Dogbot
Johnny, Dogbot, and Grognak take a peek under the hood over at the CIA. How was it founded, and by whom? Where did all the agents come from? And most importantly, what did the Third Reich have to do with it?A look into MK Ultra continues with those behind the “People’s Temple”. Who were they? Why did they join? What was this “church” really? Was it a fed op or was it really “Christian socialism”?There are far too many stories and details for just one episode, so come with us and dig into the beginnings of what will wind up being infamously known as “The Jonestown Massacre”. Was this the largest mass murder of Americans (outside of a war) or was it one of the biggest fear based mind control psyops in history? Let’s get /comfy/ and find out.
Hate Crime Enhancements, thanks “Guapo Verdad”!Trump speedruns the “blow your political career” challengeStatue or Anime, who wins when fats fight.?Death by Turbulencetfw you go to mexico for a tummy tuck but you end up kidnapped and deadAbsolutely Unreal NASA images (because they’re CGI)How many digs does it take to get to the plastic center of the earth?Futurama was right, again.Panel: Johnny, Dogbot, GrognakBreak Music: Violent and Funky, by Infectious GroovesNecronormiecon: The Legacy of the Melting Pot, read by Dogbot
John Friend, host of The Realist Report and assistant editor of The Barnes Review drops by to hang out with Johnny and shoot the spoop. He's been a very active member of the truth community for well over a decade. From 9/11 to Sandy Hook, to Covid aka the "scamdemic", John sees through the lies and always digs down to get the absolute truth. Get /comfy/ and let's have a chat with a friend, John Friend.Panel: JohnnyGuest: John FriendYou can find him at: https://therealistreport.com/ and https://barnesreview.org/Break Music: Midnight Special, by Creedence Clearwater RevivalCreepypasta: The Hat Man, written by Grognak, read by Johnny
TNE: Dilbert Starts a Race WarIt's OK to be White! (it is)Heil Scott Adams (lol no)Train DismayedZombie drugs or the end times?David Hogg returns (for some reason)March (Militia) Madness from the ADLChecking in on Silver Alert PresidentPanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, and GrognakBreak Music: Transitions from Persona to Object, by BotchCreepypasta: The Incredible Pearls of Ohio’s Royal Giants, read by Reinhardt
Johnny and Grognak welcome psychonaut Sol Luckman to the show for the first time. Sol is a writer and artist who is dedicated to exploring and exposing the truth behind human history and potential, which has led him to the Paranormies! Sit back and enjoy a deep episode about a wide array of topics from spiritual shamanism to cryptids and much more.Schrodinger's Virus.Paranormal ActivitiesSasquatch through the veilAstrological OdditiesRewriting HistoryNihilismAre we in a school or a prisonBigfootPhilip K DickTime TravelCrowrising on youtubeSol Luckman on Telegram
TNE: Elon-Gate'd Asteroids - February 22, 2023
Le wild new planet has appeared! (Supposedly) Is an "asteroid" due to hit in 2040? Is SCIENCE acknowledging things or making them up?From meteor impacts to Earth's core itself. We have some wacky geophysics in the news. Presidential clone talk What was Kyrie Irving thinking?Giant dinosaur tails (tales?)Chemical Train Derailment is becoming a season 8 mainstay.
Just when you thought we were done with the “nukes are fake” series, along comes researcher and writer Chris Caskie and his book The War Against Goyim. He joins Alt Skull and Johnny for the third episode in the series (a Trinity, if you will). This time the guys get into even more proofs behind the belief that nuclear weapons are completely fake…and also gay, obviously. What really happened in Japan? Why were there literally zero birth defects amongst “atomic bomb survivors” offspring? Did they fake the blast footage? Get /comfy/ and let’s further debunk the hoax that is nuclear weapons.Panel: Johnny and Alt SkullCreepypasta: I Bought A Working Time Machine, read by Reinhardt
Johnny and Jack are joined by Steel Snake to shitpost the news and to peruse Steel's collection of original World's Fair programs, photos of the fairs, and original postcards. His collection dates from the late 1800's through the Gilded Age of World's Fairs in the 1920's.>Bonerface gone>Flat earth posting>Early PN seasons nostalgia (anti-flat earth posting)>Pandas and Australia doesn't real>Evolution is fake and gay>Tartarian Worlds fairs and stuffsPanel: Johnny, Jack, Steel SnakeMusic Break: URA F*cking Loser, by BileNecronormiecon: Book of Revelation Chapter 19, read by Jack
Let's check in on the Midwest, shall we?Chemical trainwrecks all over the continent-wide strip mall.Poison gas clouds coming to a water source near you!“UFO's” trending mainstream news.Special report from truther expert Tom GreenMore Black History Month!The guys discuss the greatest Cinderella story of all time (it’ll just warm your little heart)Kamala Harris’ (gross) face/off revealKanye and Groypers are back in the j*w news!Damar Hamlin zombie spongebob Jesus clone?Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Grognak, and Fash GordonBreak Music: Hamlet’s Mill, by The_TextureNecronormiecon: Fluoride, Pt.1, read by Dogbot
Johnny, Reinhardt, and Grognak went looking for spooks in Missouri, and a wild Jack appeared!Cryptids: Momo, Sasquatch, and moreUFO sightings, hundreds since 1941World’s Fair or Inherited city?Haunted towns, spooky places, and weird happeningsPanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Grognak, and JackBreak Music: Indigenous Blood Revival, by Pan American Native FrontCreepypasta: Stay Away From Mark Twain National Forest, read by Johnny
Is it Black History Month already?Pop Music is (literally) the DevilG*y State of the Union is g*yJoe Rogan does a gatekeepPfizer bros, did we get too cocky?I left my heart (attack) in San FranciscoAtomwaffen or Diversity, who would win?HAARP: Turkish editionPanel: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, and GrognakBreak Music: Venom B-Side by Dance with the DeadCreepy Pasta: Documented Double Dentitions From Iowa, read by ReinhardtFollow us on Pilled.net! (Donations are here!) Follow The Paranormies on TelegramSend us stuff here:The ParanormiesP.O. Box 3036Kingsport TN 37664-0036Show Email: [email protected]'s Email: [email protected]'s Twitter: @dogbot5Dogbot's Telegram: t.me/Chupcabra_KennelReinhardt's Telegram: t.me/ApeMtn37Alt Skull's Telegram: t.me/AltSkull48
Gary Wayne enters Season 8 to discuss his new book (coming soon!) and a TON of other topics! Johnny and Reinhardt try to keep up as Gary brings his vast repository of knowledge of the ancient (and not so ancient) past. What are the genealogies of the Royal Bloodlines and The Black Nobility, from the Templars to the assassins? What do Unicorns and Annunaki, Baphomet and CERN. all have in common? Can we get a "small" expose on giants? Let’s get /comfy/ and find out!Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, and GrognakBreak Music: Battle of the Mounds, from Conan the Barbarian SoundtrackCreepy Pasta: Eclipse of the Paladin pt 2, by Grognak and ReinhartFollow us on Pilled.net! (Donations are here!)Follow The Paranormies on TelegramSend us stuff here:The ParanormiesP.O. Box 3036Kingsport TN 37664-0036Show Email: [email protected]'s Email: [email protected]'s Twitter: @dogbot5Dogbot's Telegram: t.me/Chupcabra_KennelReinhardt's Telegram: t.me/ApeMtn37Alt Skull's Telegram: t.me/AltSkull48
The Nationalist Enquirer is back! Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, and Grognak start off Season 8 with a spin around the world of (fake) news, sports, entertainment, and even some good old fashioned (fake) space news. If you missed the livestream, we've got you covered.Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, and GrognakBreak Music: Esoterica, by The_TextureNecronormiecon: Apparitions, Handbook of Parapsychology, read by Dogbot
Project: TED K ULTRA - January 29, 2023
The boys are back, and they start the show off with a bang, scrutinizing the story of one Theodore John Kaczynski, the sacred schizo cow otherwise known as "Uncle Ted".Johnny, Dogbot, Skull, and Grognak take a look at the topic through the lens of the Harvard Experiment. Who was this guy really? What was done to him?What was blamed on him?Was he just a patsy, or was he the original "Eco Terrorist"?Let's get /comfy/ and see what we can find deep in the woods of Montana.Panel: Johnny, Dogbot, Alt Skull, GrognakBreak Music: Terror Against Terror - Stalker (MK Ultra Mix)Creepy Pasta: Always Be Nice To Your Neighbors, read by Johnny
The round table of Paranormies comes together to discuss favorite guests and topics we covered this year. It's been a long strange year as we logged almost 100 episodes for you, our spooktacular listeners!We will catch you soon for season 8 where we have several creepy crawling subjects ready to go!Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, Alt Skull, Hudson and GrognakBreak Music: Specks Of Light, by PelicanCreepypasta: Eclipse Of The Paladin, read by Reinhardt, written by Grognak
California = G*y cyberpunk reality (again)Commotio Cordis coping on the football gameBetween alphabet boys and social media…there is literally no differenceSun dogs in Utah? (Maybe not)Scam Bankman Fraud gets…well, you know how this goesKnown-wolf jihad fakeryYe is missing (But there’s some sweet merch)Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, Hudson and GrognakBreak Music: Eoarchaean, by The OceanNecronormiecon: Against Hollywoodism, Revisionism by Robert Faurisson, read by Johnny
Alex Jones and the event which must not be named. 97 year old secretary of evil gets jail time for Christmas. Woke words aren’t good enough anymore on the slippery slope. JFK Update: New fake documents on old fake conspiracy.Hey Rabbi, whatcha get for number 5 across?Nephilim-skull knight in France is totally normal, bro. Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot and GrognakBreak Music: Surge of Rage, by Beloroth Necronormiecon: The Hyborian Age Pt 4, read by Reinhardt
Howdie Mickoski joins the guys to talk about his new book, the world’s fair phenomenon, Plato’s Cave, The Truman Show/Matrix reality, stand up comedy, dreams, and that’s just the first hour! Let’s get /comfy/ and see about getting the hell out of this cave…Panel: Johnny, Alt Skull, and DogbotBreak Music: Plight, by Swarm IntelligenceNecronormiecon: Sticky Situations, written by Grognak and read by Reinhardt
Fuentes gets commercial-railed by Bill HicksEmbryonic Amazon and Spermageddon ‘22NASA CGI does not flatter the goddess of “died suddenly” US Military Pup Play Pals.Based Chris Nolan tells us the Trinity test was a fake.The “Rock Chicks” find a random plesiosaur and it’s really old, guysArabic cyberpunk megatoilet coming soon!The guys thought the Ukraine “war” might be getting cool for once. They were wrong. Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Hudson and GrognakBreak Music: Avenger, by XuriousNecronormiecon: The Hyborian Age Pt. 3, read by Reinhardt
Float returns on the tail end of season 7 and joins Johnny, Hudson, and Grognak, getting into everything from Ye, Flat Earth, and 9/11; to COVID nonsense and the transgender agenda. Hour two we then slip away into a conversation about psychedelics!Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, and GrognakBreak Music: Shiva, by The TextureNecronormiecon: The Enlonauts, read by Dogbot
The DOD loses a few dollars.The emperor's new boobs.Man of the Year Rachel Levine is once again asking for your childrenTranny transformations and transformer death cops.Ye continues the alt-light tour.The Raelians enter the fray.Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, and GrognakBreak Music: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, by Daft PunkNecronormiecon: The Mound Builders, read by Reinhardt
Is There Any Yeti Out There? - December 4, 2022
Johnny, Reinhardt, and Grognak take a trek up the treacherous mountain passes of the Himalayas in search of one of the most elusive cryptids of all time: the Yeti! What are they? Are they an undiscovered tribe of mountain dwelling humans? Are they some previously unknown species of ape? Are they related to Sasquatch? Are they some sort of interdimensional nephilim hybrid, shapeshifting, humanoid looking demons? We aim to find out. Strap on your snowshoes, call up a sherpa, and let’s go trekking up Everest in search of “the wildman of the mountains”: AKA the Yeti.
Chris Cantwell redemption arc updates/Gaslighting is the word for 2022, what a cohenncidence!Elon Musk’s (dorky) mystic ritual nightstand.Ye walks out on Tim Poop.Canadians finally get to kill themselves with assistance.Baalenciaga “damage control” is eerily similar to PizzagateSelf replicating voxels and liquid metal Terminators incoming.“Zombie virus” could be the next pandemic guys…totally…we’re serious this time!Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, and GrognakBreak Music: Dungeon Master, by VisigothNecronormiecon: Morality and Revolution Part 5, read by DogbotBUY OUR NEW SHIRT DESIGNS AT DISSIDENT APPAREL! (This is a threat)Follow us on Pilled.net! (Donations are here!)Follow The Paranormies on TelegramSend us stuff here:The ParanormiesP.O. Box 3036Kingsport TN 37664-0036Show Email: [email protected]'s Email: [email protected]'s Twitter: @dogbot5Dogbot's Telegram: t.me/Chupcabra_KennelReinhardt's Telegram: t.me/ApeMtn37Alt Skull's Telegram: t.me/AltSkull48
RIP White RangerTwitter purges staff, CP disappears: these things are related Trent Reznor: does Capital G really mean “Big Gay”Another Known Wolf: Gay club shooter prevents child drag show. Hero or hero?San Francisco: still a shithole, now with even more fake gendersPanel: Johnny, Dogbot, Hudson, and GrognakBreak Music: 115 by 9 DeadNecronormiecon: Morality and Revolution, Part 4, read by DogbotBUY OUR NEW SHIRT DESIGNS AT DISSIDENT APPAREL! (This is a threat)Follow us on Pilled.net! (Donations are here!) Follow The Paranormies on TelegramSend us stuff here:The ParanormiesP.O. Box 3036Kingsport TN 37664-0036Show Email: [email protected]'s Email: [email protected]'s Twitter: @dogbot5Dogbot's Telegram: t.me/Chupcabra_KennelReinhardt's Telegram: t.me/ApeMtn37Alt Skull's Telegram: t.me/AltSkull48
The Apocalypse Watchman, the original Transpocalypse Transvestigator ™ Mr. E is back! He joins Johnny, DB, and Reinhardt for a round the realm discussion from anime to Zionism and everything androgyne in between. Let’s get /comfy/ and hang out with the one and only Mr. E.Panel: Johnny, Dogbot, and ReinhardtBreak Music: Smells Like Teen Spirit, by XorcistNecronormiecon: Just The House Settling, read by BradshawBUY OUR NEW SHIRT DESIGNS AT DISSIDENT APPAREL! (This is a threat)Follow us on Pilled.net! (Donations are here!) Follow The Paranormies on TelegramSend us stuff here:The ParanormiesP.O. Box 3036Kingsport TN 37664-0036Show Email: [email protected]'s Email: [email protected]'s Twitter: @dogbot5Dogbot's Telegram: t.me/Chupcabra_KennelReinhardt's Telegram: t.me/ApeMtn37Alt Skull's Telegram: t.me/AltSkull48
A jew named “Bank Man” Stole $10 Billion…hard to believe, right?That was the whole first hour (seriously, there’s a LOT)NASA’s blast off issues continue (“cold weather”, suuuuure…)Thanksgiving break news, and a livesPanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, and Dogbot Break Music: Humans Are Such Easy Prey, by Perturbator Necronormiecon: Morality and Revolution Pt 3, read by Dogbot
Tonight, Johnny and the guys delve into one of the most mysterious and archetypal figures in occult history. Who really was John Dee? Were he and his cohorts just autistic gematria nerds, or something more nefarious? Later on, they wade into the origins of the “Enochian” language supposedly communicated to Dee and his partner by angelic beings. This is a long one, packed with information and debate. Get /comfy/ and join us! Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Hudson, Alt Skull and Grognak Break Music: Amethyst Realm by The Lennon Claypool DeliriumNecronormiecon: The Daughter of Fortitude, read by Hudson
Black Hebrew Israelites have left the plantation and are theatrically paying the price.Kyrie Irving jumps through hoops to keep his soul.Aaron Carter definitely wasn’t murdered after joining Ye’s crusade.Watching the skies! Blood moons, DEWs, meteors, and more!Dream Hacking Ads: Your very own MKUltra programming ritual, from the comfort of your bed!Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Hudson, and GrognakBreak Music: Escenas de una Pesadilla [Scenes from a Nightmare], by AlerNecronormiecon: Morality and Revolution Pt 2, read by Dogbot
Around the Campfire: Malus - November 6, 2022
Tonight, Reinhardt and Johnny are joined around the campfire by longtime friend and listener Malus. Malus has had an eventful live stretching from childhood demonic attacks to ritual magic to serving Jesus Christ. Tonight, we discuss his childhood influences, and how he came to be involved with ritual magic. This will be the first of multiple episodes, but be prepared; this show is not for the faint of heart.Website: https://paranormies.com/Livestreams: https://share-link.pilled.net/profile/163640
The Nationalist Enquirer: Lone Skum is a Baphomet Death Knight Korean Astroworld ritual? Round eye gang just happens to take to the skiesPelosi's gay prostitute, in the kitchen, with a hammer. Dark Brandon enters the microphone. “Pandemic Amnesty” is met with a collective “go to hell”. Gigavaxxing and suicidemaxxingPanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, and Grognak Break Music: Everyday is Halloween Ministry House Mix, by Æther Necronormiecon: Morality and Revolution Part 1, read by Dogbot
The Halloween Livestream - October 30, 2022
The Spooptober journey is at an end! Johnny and a full panel are joined by returning friend Matt Landman to discuss the finer points of Halloween costumes and candy, horror movies, and paranormal experiences!In hour two, Jason from Archaix rejoins the show to reminisce about horror movie classics, chronology deception, historical resets and even the origins of the Great Sphinx! The Paranormies and Archaix set up for some great future topics…Actual Activists WebsiteArchaix WebsiteNoisereich Records WebsitePanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, Alt Skull, and GrognakBreak Music: “Cry Little Sister vs Hello Zepp” by Celldweller and “Ghastly Stomp” by The Ghastly Ones.Story: The Shadow of Death, written by Grognak, read by Reinhardt
Green screen Fortnite presidents.David Hogg reppin’ Masons.Ye keeps up the pressure.Wage slave soldiers get free baby sacrifices.The Indian-Chinese-WEF reverse colonization of Britain is complete.To grug-racism or not to grug-racism?Silver alert prez does not guarantee false flags.“Tridemic” fear pr0n is the latest algorithm output.Murder capital shooting was probably faked.Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Hudson, and GrognakBreak Music: Thunderstruck by Steve'n'SeagullsNecronormiecon: Of Conehads and Kings / The White Giants, read by Reinhardt
The Corvid's Cry - October 22, 2022
Spooky cats, curses and the pilgrims. The Raven God OdinNative American Eagles vs Ravens.Stevie Raven VaughnCorvid mimicking techniques.Panel: Johnny, Hudson, Dogbot, and Grognak Break Music: Black Crow on a Tombstone, by SatyriconNecronormiecon: The Raven, by Edgar Allen Poe, read by Dogbot
Famous B.H.I. Kanye doubles down.Dethcon 3 on Saint Floyd’s legacy!Man made cloud portals?Droning is the new SWATting.Black hole belches nonsense.Conspiracy theorists are still a national security threat.White Wakanda city planning.Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, and GrognakBreak Music: Hate Song, by Fudge TunnelNecronormiecon: The Hyborian Age Pt. 2, read by Reinhardt
The Drinkers of Life - October 14, 2022
Spooptober continues as Johnny and the guys broach an absolutely horrific and definitely disturbing topic: ritual cannibalism and blood drinking. Who are these people? What are they actually doing? Do they ackshually eat people? Are they Satanists? Luciferians? Both? Neither? Tonight's show is most certainly not for the squeamish, but let's try and get /comfy? and find out what's really going on in the world of these "elite" and not so "elite" cannibals.Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, and GrognakBreak Music: Eaten, by BloodbathCreepypasta: Bloodthirsty, written by Grognak, read by JohnnyBUY OUR NEW SHIRT DESIGNS AT DISSIDENT APPAREL! (This is a threat)Follow us on Pilled.net! (Donations are here!)Follow The Paranormies on TelegramSend us stuff here:The ParanormiesP.O. Box 3036Kingsport TN 37664-0036Show Email: [email protected]'s Email: [email protected]'s Twitter: @dogbot5Dogbot's Telegram: t.me/Chupcabra_KennelReinhardt's Telegram: t.me/ApeMtn37Alt Skull's Telegram: t.me/AltSkull48
The Drinkers of Life - October 14, 2022
Spooptober continues as Johnny and the guys broach an absolutely horrific and definitely disturbing topic: ritual cannibalism and blood drinking. Who are these people? What are they actually doing? Do they ackshually eat people? Are they Satanists? Luciferians? Both? Neither? Tonight's show is most certainly not for the squeamish, but let's try and get /comfy? and find out what's really going on in the world of these "elite" and not so "elite" cannibals.Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, and GrognakBreak Music: Eaten, by BloodbathCreepypasta: Bloodthirsty, written by Grognak, read by JohnnyBUY OUR NEW SHIRT DESIGNS AT DISSIDENT APPAREL! (This is a threat)Follow us on Pilled.net! (Donations are here!)Follow The Paranormies on TelegramSend us stuff here:The ParanormiesP.O. Box 3036Kingsport TN 37664-0036Show Email: [email protected]'s Email: [email protected]'s Twitter: @dogbot5Dogbot's Telegram: t.me/Chupcabra_KennelReinhardt's Telegram: t.me/ApeMtn37Alt Skull's Telegram: t.me/AltSkull48
Yeezy theater for the White raceTulsi Gabs on the cabalFBI is 50% LGBT, 100% gayJogger rapist phrenology The Paranormies were right about Covid (again)You will eat (breathe?) ze air meatLone Skum + Putin + Vice = More theater Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Hudson and Grognak Break Music: TEK, by Monty & VisagesNecronormiecon: The Coming Insurrection, Seventh Circle, Part Two, read by Dogbot
Gnome Gnosis - October 8, 2022
Tonight, Johnny and The Paranormies kick off a special run of Spooptober™ episodes with the hidden folk! Gnomes, Fae Folk, Shining Ones, Machine Elves… there are many names they’re known by across the realm, but what are they? Are they another race altogether, or something else? Get /comfy/ with some flavored coffee as we delve into Gnome Gnosis! Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt and HudsonBreak Music: Grey Garden, by WindhandCreepypasta: The Atrocities of the Drow, written by Grognak, read by Reinhardt
Jewish pedo cult on the loose in Mexico Phenotype minority report is literalCollege zombie safety 101Sodomite love lettersSoy Heebgoblins strike out again!Mickey Rourke is 100% yenta Giant sighting leads to TikTok Canuck’s spoopy deathPanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, and Fash GordonBreak Music: False Idols, by UnearthNecronormiecon: The Coming Insurrection, Seventh Circle, Pt. 1, read by Dogbot
Tonight, the panel is joined by Battlebot to uncover a few of the most terrifying (and architecturally weird) stories of South Carolina. From haunted insane asylums to angsty basketball ghosts, you don’t want to miss this!Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Grognak, and BattlebotBreak Music: Southern Soldier, by The 2nd South Carolina String BandNecronormiecon: Ghost Puncher (in true greentext format), read by Battlebot
We don’t care about the pipelineSandy Hook litigious fakeryArtemis is delayed (again) because it’s fine. It’s just fine. Moonlet dimorphism and lots of contingenciesRetrogaming fake space: Asteroids!Deepcake Bruce WillisMammoth hybrid necromancy (and that’s where it stops!)Royal reptilian rumblePanel: Johnny and ReinhardtBreak Music: Tupilak, by Russian CirclesNecronormiecon: The Hyborian Age: Part 1, read by Reinhardt
Tonight, the guys are joined by Jason from the Archaix YouTube channel. Over the past several years, Jason has dedicated his life to the study of chronology. Eventually he uncovered something through his extensive research that no one seems to have connected before. Get /comfy/ and prepare to hear some mind-blowing theories from past history resets and mountains of hidden history, to a possible return of the mysterious phoenix in 2040 and what that means for us!Archaix on YouTubeArchaix WebsitePanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Alt Skull and GrognakBreak Music: Slave Society, by Iratus VirNecronormiecon: The Phoenix Lights Timeline, read by Dogbot
Flat Earth Patriots unite!Is the Mudflood Going Mainstream?Sit down for science!: Aspirin (Acid rain?) for the skyThe Purge is real (or, Equity in Illinois!)Mega-million year old megafauna mummies [X to doubt]Banned and browned fantasy woesDowntown brown Martha's VineyardBooking dot com drops ratings bombs on illegal Israeli occupiersGigavaxxed trash pandas are eating your gf’s trash, and basically, you’re a retardPanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Hudson and GrognakBreak Music: Ugo, by Dead PiratesNecronormiecon: The Sixth Circle, from “The Coming Insurrection”, read by Dogbot
9/11 Livestream w/ Simon Shack - September 16, 2022
Simon Shack, creator of September Clues drops by for a 9/11 livestream. Were there any real elements to this operation or was it entirely media fakery? What is fantastical and what is mundane? Let's get /comfy/ and find out a little more about that day, 21 years ago.Check out Simon's work at:https://www.septemberclues.info/https://www.tychos.space/Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Alt Skull, Dogbot and GrognakBreak Music: Niagara, from the September Clues soundtrack, by Simon Shack and The Social ServiceCreepypasta: Seinfeld: The Lost Episode, read by Johnny Monoxide
TNE: New Kang In Town - September 14, 2022
Ding dong, the witch is a lich! (The queen is publicly “dead”)Lawd of Dem Rangz will bring a new great depression.Artemis launch failed, because no one's going anywhere outside the firmament.High octane SADS retardation.Canadian stroke master blue-balls nation due to natural causes.Corpses containing creepy clots crop conspiracies.
We've all heard about Aleksndr Dugin, but we've never had anything paranormal or spoopy to talk about with him. Until now...the false flag car bombing introduction of Dugin to the World Stage™.Typhus and Hudson join Johnny, Reinhardt, and Grognak for a discussion about who this guy is, what he does, what likely happened with Darya Dugina's "murder", and how this guy ties in with everyone's favorite seed oil shills.Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Grognak, and special guests Hudson and TyphusBreak Music: Enter Oblivion, by HdsnAcid
The Mid-Season Wrap Up Show - August 20, 2022
Moon the Nation.The FBI helps launch the Trump campaign, and 33s abound!Dark Brandon Rising: Red vs. Blue Lasers. The IRS is locked and loaded to audit those making $70k or less (hide your dog).Liberal law and order, and Wolf Blitzer approved takedowns.Charlottesville happenings and politics through the lens of racist liberals. The Edomites are in your head, goy. Ewaranon, Wooden Nickels, Faking Space, and how the feds direct conspiracy narratives. Georgia Guidestone gripesPanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot and GrognakBreak Music: Conduit, by Russian CirclesCreepypasta: The Fall of Luskan, written by Grognak and read by Reinhardt
The FBI takes a leak on a dirty bomb. The LGBTQFBI alliance.Return to the Moon: Nephilim Whore Edition.Metaverse drag queens and Bond "girls".Monkeypox and terrain theory, how does it work? (Disgustingly) CDC Banana Democracy pays the unvaxxed pheasants.Mid-season break and beyond! Donations:rangerBillyJmanWokeSocietiesMagdalaBucklySluetherPanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot and GrognakBreak Music: Your Man is Gay, by Unknown HinsonNecronormiecon: The Plans of Judaism Against the Romanian People Pt. 2: Against the Romanian Land, read by Reinhardt
Alex Jones loses a month's salary. The recipe for piracy and setting the record straight between pirates and privateering. Two things pirates didn’t like, apparently?: Jews and slavesRules for Nauticals: What’s the worst that can happen? Biggie Black Caesar rolls up inna schooner. Port Royal, the original “sin city”. Blackbeard and his legacy (after he got killed). The most successful pirates of all time (before they got killed too)Black Sam and Ben Hornigold, and other traitor pirates. All manner of ghost ships, including the Flying (racist?) DutchmanDavy Jones: The sea’s god of death? Underwater archaeology: Is it as g*y as the other kind?Check out Metal Up Your Fash on Telegram: https://t.me/MUYFShowRSS: https://audio.nobodyhasthe.biz/api/v1/channels/metalupyourfash/rssStreaming on Dlive: Dlive.tv/hooksterPanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Grognak and HookBreak Music: Slick Leg, by MastodonCreepypasta: The Ghost Ship, Misanthropy, read by Hook
Reinhart signs off on the Trump raid.Alex pays up!: How to talk to boomers at work.Bill Hicks did not die in 1994, you just got a new clown!It takes 90 million dollars to cancel a Capeshit Movie.Today in History: A lot of gay thingsAs the world turns.. Time speeds up?The world is basically a static tendril ball, okay?Man-made horrors beyond comprehension part 5: Synthetic human embryos and you ARE soylent green, mmmkay?AI isn't sentient, you bigoted morons! (Totally NOT demons either, Gopniks say)DR bodega chad says the DR is safer than NYC, because it probably is.Thank you very much to our doners!:JmanWokeSocietiesPapermoonNegativeZeroPanel: Johnny, Reinhardt Dogbot and GrognakBreak Music: Heartwork, by CarcassNecronormiecon: The Plans of Judaism Against the Romanian Nation: Against the Romanian People, read by Reinhardt
The Nuclear Hoax Part 2 - August 6, 2022
The Nevada Proving Grounds…1,021 “bombs” later.The Samson Option: We can neither confirm nor deny whether (((some people))) have the bomb.Nuclear reactions and mushroom cloud madness.Who are the demons using the demon core?What exactly were the “weapons of mass destruction”?Panel: Johnny, Dogbot, Alt Skull and GrognakBreak Music: Shore Lined Poison, by Skinny PuppyCreepypasta: Tall Man, read by Johnny
Solar flares are weak f*male threatsCataclysms and reset events, on a timer or manmade? Mountains of melted buildingsNessie could be real! (((Archaeologists))) admit they lie?WEF updates: They still have no power, don’t worry about the Da-cow camps! Arming Taiwan. Nancy Pelosi is broken. Californian caravan to Mexico gets slapped. James Woods telescope update on traps (still gay, also fake).Magic brick dwarves and copper wire elves. (Or: Paranormies Monster Manual planning)Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, and GrognakBreak Music: Tricks, by ohGrNecronormiecon: The Fourth Circle Pt 2. from “The Coming Insurrection”, read by Dogbot
The Nuclear Hoax Part 1 - July 30, 2022
Marie Curie (Mercury)All the Japanese nuke fakes (All of them)Chernobyl didn’t real, either?!White Sands and China Syndrome.The Trinity (Alchemical) Test: Sulfur, Salt, and Mercury.The Cold War: It totally happened and it was really dangerous! Nuke culture, shelters, and pool parties! The Atomic Age or The Nuclear age? (Both are gay)Does Israel has bomb?Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, Alt Skull and GrognakBreak Music: Walking Plague, by GammacideCreepypasta: Nuclear Meltdown, read by Reinhardt
Fraudulent Alzheimer's study is fraudulent.EWARANON reactin’ and brick gnome relaxin’Tactical Porchmonkeypox chaos.Big Dawg Americans lose their choco taco.In “space”, everyone can feel your stream.Sky polyps over Texas!Gislaine Maxwell’s not in prison, bro.Large to very-large Egyptian hand pits.Johnny's interview with Billy Corn Pop:https://youtu.be/q2ks9cLiIaAhttps://odysee.com/@HispanicUnity:b/Johnny-Monoxide-Recording:1Panel: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt and GrognakBreak Music: Withered Tomb by MinenwerferNecronormiecon: The Coming Insurrection: Fourth Circle Pt 1, read by Dogbot
Paranormies Presents: The Return of Matt LandmanOn becoming an activist. Spreading truth without spreading fear. Spiro clothing, a helpful solution. 5G waves, and not the kind you want to be surfing. Learn to discern, and consume whole raw foods. Getting on the truth frequency with mineral use. Gimped Transhuman NPCsZealous covid cultists and the karmic pressure of taking down a clone. Hollywood, the slow invasion of a species. Raising your kids in a natural environment. Check out Matt’s websites: Frankenskies.com, Actualactivists.com, Spero.comUse this coupon code!: actualactivistPanel: Johnny, Reinhardt and GrognakBreak Music: Look Up, by Conspiracy Music GuruCreepypasta: The Slaad, written by Grognak, read by Reinhardt
TNE: Aurora Normiealis - July 20, 2022
AOC shenanigans and amazonian woman kangsNinja nestalgia. Ninja honor or ninja-dishonor?Katana Watkins RIP. Death in Chan land.James Webb notices things, gets whacked by space junk.Troons will continue until Transhumanism improves.Zulu serpent booba spoon replaces Gen. Robert E. Lee in voodoo townThe (half-assed) Battle of the Hoover Dam (barely) kicked off!The sky turns into lime jello in South Dakota.Link to Livestream PicturesPanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot and GrognakBreak Music: True Survivor, by David HasselhoffCreepypasta: Transwiggerism, read by Dogbot
Georgia landmarks and local wildlifeDogbot on location: The Georgia GuidestonesBackground and content of the megalithic siteDestruction! What happened, who did it, and why now?The strange contents of a supposedly missing time capsulePanel: Johnny and DogbotBreak Music: Traversing, by Tides From Nebula Creepypasta: Time Capsule, read by Dogbot
TNE: Star Nursery Squibs - July 13, 2022
Disarmed Dutch Farmer Lords vs. Whore Police Troopers"TAKE ME TO THE CAPITAL!"Baby Sacrifice Temple BargeHunter Biden’s Grand Theft DistractionFront Line Assembly: No LimitShinzo Go Bye-Bye with Blood SquibsHomophobic Space CGI MagicUvalde Red vs. Blue MarathonProto-Canaanite Demonrat GraffitiPanel: Johnny, Dogbot Reinhardt and GrognakBreak Music: No Limit, by Front Line AssemblyCreepypasta: The Fifth Circle Pt. 2, from The Coming Insurrection, read by Dogbot
The gang welcomes Float from The Float Universe to the show. He drops in to hang out, detach from distraction, and take a trip through this thing we call reality. The conversation drifts from topic to topic, from float tanks/sensory deprivation chambers to QAnon, politics and parasites (both spiritual and physical), to the illuminati's multiple concurring agendas, out of body experiences, aliens, and everything in between. Get /comfy/ and let's detach from the system a little more, shall we?Float's Instagram: @floatuniverseFloat's Telegram: t.me/floatuniverse2Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt and GrognakBreak Music: Holy Mountain, by SleepCreepypasta: Welcome to the Abyss, written by Grognak and read by Reinhardt
The gang rehashes yet another something.Beware the MKUltra White rapper boss level.Tamagotchi Black Eyed Kids for everyone! Science priests want to “break reality”.Are you conCERNed?Livestream Pictures UsedPanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot and GrognakBreak Music: Televised Death Vote, by Somatic ResponsesNecronormiecon: The Coming Insurrection, The Fifth Circle Pt. 1, read by Dogbot
The companions of conspiracy venture into the Underworld, live on Pilled! All over the realm, there are deep places that hold immense spiritual significance…and dark power. Is the other side of this plane right below us? What awaits the souls of the damned? Why is Chinese hell so pervy? Get /comfy/ and find out!Google Drive LINK HEREPanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, and GrognakBreak Music: Nobody Here, by Alien WeaponryNecronormiecon: The Hole in the Tree, read by Dogbot
The guys continue to pulverize priDEMONth, battling through clown world news. Amazon necromancy subscriptions! Race your dead gf and let your dead grandaddy read your kid a book. Metaverse Marriage on the moon with troons. (because of course)Billie Joe Armstrong’s not leaving the US. (also not a dude)Abortion agent glow so bright!Sun spot plasma cannons might kill us all, says the Renaissance man. “Juice and Moonfish”, Ukraine’s own Top Gun duo need upvotesJan 6th DLC just dropped: Donald Trump patriot skins and blue team bot conspiracies. Updates on last week’s W, while demonic spirits have a party.Wins against vax mandates, but the military is still (literally) big gay.Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, and GrognakBreak Music: Once Bitten, by Swarm IntelligenceNecronormiecon: The Coming Insurrection: The Third Circle, read by DogbotW
The gang welcomes Patrick Cutler on the show for a preview of his documentary. Strange things are afoot in the state of Montana!Horrific murders and terrifying animal mutilationsLights in the sky and the return of the Will-O-The Wisps.CE5 Protocol and contact with extra dimensional entities.“Street gang” cult activity, demonology and angel summoning.Mountain portals and you.Zack Bagans, comedian of the hour.Tribal days: The disappearance of Deer Lodge natives.Reptilian alien doing winter cardio on a trail cam?Redgate Film Site: https://www.secretofredgate.com/Patrick's Instagram: #RedgateFilmPanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, and GrognakBreak Music: Alien Abduction byCreepypasta: I Will Give Birth to the End of Mankind, read by Reinhardt
"Chupacabra" sightings.SADs Sports, a new bet to place. TERF battalion marches to war, while "based Swiss" burn tr*ns effigies Digital nobility art tour. Doge Coin covered McLarens. RIP NFTS.Mayan gem grills. UFO’s in Montana?Transhumanist lich gets cut from the Book of Life “Forever Chemicals” in your blood, don't worry about it bruh..Lubrikanda fo’eva.Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, and GrognakBreak Music: Smoko, by The ChatsNecronormiecon: The Coming Insurrection: The Second Circle, read by Dogbot
Housekeeping, website and RSS updates, and we got some goodies in the P.O. box!Dinosaurs in your toy box, movies and TV showsRichard "Royal Society" Owen tells you what a dinosaur is.Marsh and Cope's "Bone Wars" and petrification for dummies.Evolution, the inverse of entropy.Darwin, Lyell, and other Lunaticks in academia.Ken Ham's the new Nimrod, and he's got missionary lizards on the Ark!Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, and GrognakBreak Music: Prehistoric Dog, by Red FangCreepypasta: In the Tall Grass, written by Grognak, read by Reinhardt
Demon AI Image generators don’t troll Karl Marx (But they should)Skinwalkers only like the older editions of D&D.Putin pushes a new holodomor because Rhodesia was obvs fake. Fake pictures because Tyson-nauts don’t go to space. Animated g*ys get banned in China. Chinese artifacts and altars and priDEMONth REDACTED. AI souls are stargates, but don’t friggin’ worry about it, guy!Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, and GrognakBreak Music: Highway to Oblivion, by DragonforceNecronormiecon: Dedication and Chapter 1 (From “The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave”) read by Reinhardt
Let's take a tour through Ancient American Architecture, shall we?The Lake Michigan Triangle: Where whores and cultists erected standing stones to a giant lake monster?Random pyramids are the perfect cover for embezzlement, right?The guys take quick peek at Coral Castle.The Hoover Dam--what the hell is going on?Let's get /comfy/ and find out!MEGA Folder for PicturesPanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, and GrognakBreak Music: Dissectasy, by Skeletal RemainsCreepypasta: Real Talk, written by Nathan Hutton, read by Dogbot
Brad puts on his good sweatpants and rejoins the cast for a long-awaited cameo this week!Bees are fish now, birds drop out of the sky, and you will eat ze bug caviar Ayyylmaos are good guys, and will Putin from firing nuclear weapons!qUanTuM mechanics and why your DNA isn’t good enough. (Or: why you need transhumanism)Norway says your life is data, and why they need to track your Cheeto purchases. (And race)We do a little data collectin’. (On dead jabbed celebrities) Food shortages start to hit normie realm news. Special thanks to our live show donors this evening!
Happy killdozer day! Which came first, the chicken on the egg?The guys start off talking about some half fish women known as mermaids.Ape persons with scale sirenomelia. Zimbabwe has mermaid problems, The struggle is reel.Mermaid Mockumentary time.Ancient aliens unda da sea. Kelpie Gypsies and the BLOOP.
Tom Cruise is set to save mankind from the UFO invasion in Independence Day 2. Demonic Urinary Tract Infections. Personal encounters from the guys. Sightings in the sky via our friend Aether. Gay people are transphobic, clown world wars.A latent review on collaborating a shooting hoax.Canada sucks, leave while you can.Population crisis, or is there?Farm fires: How do you like your eggs, boiled or fried?Retard Strength Artificial Intelligence.Haunted Vishnu idols haunt thieves in India.
Fast Facts: Don’t mess with Texas tr*nny-shooters.Rest in pepperonis, Saint Fentanyl Floyd.Derailing trains, the other manufactured crisis?The World Economic Forum meets up to talk about you.A word from Schwabb and Soros: "All your bases are belong to us"JIF is bad for you and it has to go.Giant ching-chong sinkhole worlds.REDACT trans microplastic tree elves.Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, and GrognakBreak Music: Enemy Victorian, by SannhentNecronormiecon: Crashed Discs from 12,000 Years Ago, read by Reinhardt
The Genesis 6 Conspiracy continues on with a new guest! Dr. Laura Sanger joins Johnny and Reinhardt to discuss her book "The Roots of the Federal Reserve: Tracing the Nephilim from Noah to the US Dollar" and more!
5-17-2022Review some racial trigger discipline with the guys.Manifestos and makeshift murders.The Great Replacement: What the show-runners plan to do with your understanding of it.Pouring over the evidence: Proud parents of a crisis actor. Missing bullet holes, walking dead, and furry porn.Reading listener emails live on pilled.net.UFO "disclosure": Put your name on a list, schizo!Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, and GrognakBreak Music: psalm @$thr33% by goldengatesNecronormiecon: The First Circle, read by DogbotBUY OUR NEW SHIRT DESIGNS AT DISSIDENT APPAREL! (This is a threat)Follow us on Pilled.net! (Donations are here!)Follow The Paranormies on TelegramSend us stuff here:The ParanormiesP.O. Box 3036Kingsport TN 37664-0036Show Email: [email protected]'s Email: [email protected]'s Twitter: @dogbot5Dogbot's Telegram: t.me/Chupcabra_KennelReinhardt's Telegram: t.me/ApeMtn37Alt Skull's Telegram: t.me/AltSkull48
5-13-2022Jim Henson respecting and (((Skeksis))) adreno-postingDead internet simulated social interaction (or, no one really likes your post)Orc Dreamers, wheelchair accessibility, and White gamer days gone by…Be kind, rewind. Old horror films and favorite PlayStation 1 games!Press F for Randy Weaver. Ruby Ridge and the psyop against living inna woods.Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, Alt Skull and GrognakBreak Music: Sentient 6 by NevermoreCreepypasta: Sleepwalker, written by Grognak, read by ReinhardtBUY OUR NEW SHIRT DESIGNS AT DISSIDENT APPAREL! (This is a threat)Follow us on Pilled.net! (Donations are here!)Follow The Paranormies on TelegramSend us stuff here:The ParanormiesP.O. Box 3036Kingsport TN 37664-0036Show Email: [email protected]'s Email: [email protected]'s Twitter: @dogbot5Dogbot's Telegram: t.me/Chupcabra_KennelReinhardt's Telegram: t.me/ApeMtn37Alt Skull's Telegram: t.me/AltSkull48
Longtime friend of the show and several time guest Fash Gordon drops by to share his personal tales. From stories of demonic possession to weird happenings below decks at the Denver International Airport to UFO sightings, he’s (unfortunately) seen it all. From Pizzagate to aliens, alien abductions, and extra territories, DUMB airplane conspiracies, fae folk, nephilim, djinn, mechanical elves, and more, the conversation winds around some of our favorite conspiracies. Let’s get /comfy/ and hang out Around the Campfire with Fash Gordon!
Go through self checkout, just don't checkout on the fake and gay.SHOCKING: Moderna "trials" predicted the pandemic on the vaxxed.Government endorsements for abortion protests.Updates on the abortion ghoul patrol.Industrial child sacrifice and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.Tranny murder files and more movies off the silver screen.A house divided...investigates itself?UFO disclosure and you: Don't expect much.Link to all livestream pictures used!Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, and GrognakBreak Music: Electric Bloom by FoalsNecronormiecon: Copper Crowned Kings and Pearl Bedecked Queens, read by Reinhardt
COVIDBoots on the ground investigation on the "pandemic"Mass shootings where no one was shot9/11 the hoax.What's in the vaxx?!It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood for the Mandela EffectBrian S Staveley has been a podcast host and researcher since 2010. His topics of expertise are 9/11 & Media Fakery, Psychological Operations & Hoax Events, Exposing NASA, Covid-19 & Deciphering The Mandela Effect.Brian has over 1500 videos in just the past 4 years & Countless podcasts prior to migrating to YouTube in 2018. Currently streaming shows to Rokfin & multistreaming to many platforms. You can find all Brian's videos including the 500 or so deleted by YouTube all for free on his Odysee.Brian's Links:Rokfin (Live Streams Here)YouTube Main ChannelBrian's Odysee Channel (1500 Videos Archived)Telegram Channel To Never Miss A Show NotificationAccess All Brian's Links In One Spot On His WebsitePanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, Alt Skull, and GrognakBreak Music: In America, by ODDTVCreepypasta: The Cleaner, written by Grognak, read by Johnny Monoxide
John Fashcroft rejoins the party to make #libtards cope and seethe!Tweets from mad (((people)))Satanists and their synagogues provide us some ghastly laughs.COVID doom and gloom.Tranny spooky Gala event review.Fictosexual relationship problems.PICS ARE HERE: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-0EvEbOJJfISV6U3VUWbwIMNiswSfj3I?usp=sharingGuest: John FashcroftPanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, and GrognakBreak Music: Dr. Hippolord by WeedruidNecronormiecon: Atlantis in the Atlantis in the Colorado River Desert, read by Reinhardt
General Mills takes fire from general food shortage.Corn Bombs, Bird Flu, and Mosquito terrorism.The war on your food supply is on!The ouroboros is the answer with cannibalism?Shortages and empty shelves.Your social credit score will keep you fed.Discounts on purchases for proof of vaccination.Self sufficiency and you: How to not starve to death in the next great depression.Self sustain to sustain. Gardens, Fish Hooks, and Farms.Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, and GrognakBreak Music: Conspiracy Music Guru - No Amount of Evidence (Will Ever Convince an Idiot)Creepypasta: Mountains of Wax, written by Grognak, read by Reinhardt
Twitter News and other crying piss babies.Lone Skum is verified to verify hoomans to mock trannies like Bill Gates.Masktard Olympics! The livestream votes for the gold mask winner.Russian Space warZ and ISS manoeuvres!Spiderman doesn't say gay.Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, and GrognakBreak Music: Eternal Salvation by Goldengates (Noisereich channel on YouTube)Necronormiecon: The System's Neatest Trick Pt. 5 and Endnotes, read by Dogbot
Johnny, Reinhardt and Grognak sit down for some esoteric geologyposting! Is the science settled on volcanos? Do they show up in the Bible? Just how many “portals to hell” are there? Later on, some continuation on the crystal tree scrapyard hypothesis, petrified titans and stone serpents abound! Get /comfy/ and enjoy the discussion!MEGA LINK FOR PICTURESPanel: Johnny, Reinhardt, and GrognakBreak Music: Black Lava by SatyriconCreepypasta: Doppelganger, written by Grognak, read by Reinhardt
Grab your hand sanitizer, it's time for the evening news!Dead Internet Concern TrollingMask mandate based hot takes from the AI internet.Trans celebrity death match begins.Today in (sacrificial) HIStory.Incoming asteroid death #33409 and Jewish holoporting on the ISS.Lone Skum bothers Black Twitter.School Easter Bunny wants your kids.Parkland shooting sugar daddies?Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, and GrognakBreak Music: Diviner by Inborn TendencyNecronormiecon: "The System's Neatest Trick" Part 4, read by Dogbot
The one and only Mr. E stops by for an interview. The trans agneda, the divine androgyne, twinning, freemartins, and more, the expert transvestigator that launched thousands of transvestigations covers it all. Later on, they take on NASA, the (fake) moon landing, the shape of the Earth, random creature encounters, COVID tyranny and is there a book in the making? Let's get /comfy/ and talk about some uncomfortable stuff!Mr. E's Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/OAx0XCP2TC4a/Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, Alt Skull and GrognakBreak Music: You Took The Mark Of The Beast, by Mr. ECreepypasta: "Cold Light" written by Grognak, read by Reinhardt
Lone Skum says time to download our brains into robots.Definitely contrails and not fallen angel tech crashed in Alaska.Silver Alert President has hookers on the (clone) brain.Nero-esque Biden busy diddling while Rome burns.All aboard the N Train for some false flags!Lazy Gilbert Gottfried crab dance.Fauci says it's time to self assess your Covidiots.Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, and GrognakBreak Music: Atlantis by Moving FusionNecronormiecon: "The System's Neatest Trick" Part 3, read by Dogbot
The gang returns to ACTUALLY discuss Louisiana! The Rougarou, vampires and voodoo haunts in New Orleans, and what the hell is a Grunch anyway? Reinhardt returns from Ape Mountain and Grognak takes the week off as we get spooky (and shitposty) in the Pelican State!Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt and DogbotBreak Music: "Husk" by Black FastCreepypasta: "Do Not Follow the Lights" written by Grognak, read by Reinhardt
Astro joins the gang for this one!How to perform a cuck block by your favorite wine making brown belt.Amazon bans its employees from using words and recommends they monitor the color of their urine.Ron Jeremy in current affairs. (Yes, we know)Defensive bio-labs and Chinese propaganda.Blacksploitation and more gay entertainment.Panel: Johnny, Dogbot, and GrognakBreak Music: Swarm Reigns (Down) by IsisNecronormiecon: "Lost Civilizations" from "Galaxy Brainset: How to Be Like Me, an Intellectual" by Caleb Q. Washington read by Johnny
The Southern Dingo finally joins the guys for what was supposed to be a tour of spoopy Louisiana. Instead, we find out what Dingo finds terrifying and get to hear his encounters with UFO's and unknown hog killing hunting camp killers. The guys then go on a tour de force of topics, from Sasquatch and the moon landing hoax, hog nuts, swamp monsters, and more cryptids, to germ theory and zoonotic herpesviruses. Let's get /comfy/ but watch out for those cot dang horseflies!
Oscar night cranks up the fake and gay.Dave Grohl sacrifices his drummer for thoughts and prayers to the dark lord.The War in Ukraine, Kentucky.Potatoes fall victim to war.Bird flu is here to take your homesteading chickens.Disney is coming for your kids.
The gang finally sits down with Gary Wayne, author of The Genesis 6 Conspiracy! From the concepts of Tartaria and phantom time to mud floods and Nephilim antiquitech, this episode is packed with information! Ancient bloodlines, polytheist architecture and even Biblical Cosmology are discussed as well! Sit back, get /comfy/ and enjoy the show!
TNE: Ganesh D'Souza - May 23, 2022
Johnny The Electric Wizard, Reinhart the Ranger and Ganesh D'Souza the Paladin enter the dungeon known as Pildaughtnet!Russian CosmoNOTS get scrubbed.Buchanwald Bullshit and other recycled war crimes against (((them))).Mandela and CERN.Boston Dynamics and Skynet style toxicity based AIChinese Planes fall out of the sky. Or do they?Lone Skum's MASTER PLAN.The laundering of the lithium industry.Middle school gay pride parades.
This is the replay of our first live stream on Pilled.net! where Freeze Peach ™️is not dead!It's been awhile since the last episode done on Steve Jackson's strange "parody" card game of conspiracy theories. The guys have predictions, admissions, and lots of eerie wacky imagery to discuss.
TNE: Whole Lotta 'Lona - May 23, 2022
Test tube bitcoin babies (something something 41%)Risky Ruskies gonna git they Tesla kill switchedDebunking the cannibal Russian next-doorThe legion of low ladder mercenariesElona vs. Vlad beast system slap fight“Nuclear holocaust for thee, but not for me.” - The Swiss, probably
After some housekeeping (and a little shitposting), Scott Howard, author of The Transgender Industrial Complex, returns to discuss his newest book in the second half of tonight’s show!George Soros and the World Economic Forum.The Great Replacement and the fourth industrial revolution.How the transgender, transhuman, and open society agendas all intersect.Empire destroying nation states.
TNE: Wag The (Gay) Dog - May 23, 2022
Tabletop War Games: WWIII simulator 2019Colbert Report is pro-war propagandaPresidential face swapsWhat's eating Britney Spears?Japanese fox demons and Korean spy swarms Lone Skum, nuke denier
Time for an old school episode, fam! We've all heard a tale or two of monsters of the sea: from the Kraken, Leviathan, and the Lusca to the Beisht Kione and Jörmungandr, no ocean is safe from these terrors of the depths. Were any of these creatures real, or are they just giant fish tales? Are they explainable or, like globsters, are they some amorphous and unidentifiable mystery? Let's get /comfy/ and take a dive into the realm of the sea monsters, shall we?
TNE: Russian Rumpology - May 23, 2022
Alexa will read your mindHave a White UkrainianHoly fake and gay war propaganda, BatmanModels and granny babushka with gunsActor PresidentsWhat do you want from McDolan's? War GamesDe-extincting Tasmanian tigerISS and black Isis
Special Guest Wayne McRoy, author of The Alchemical Tech Revolution, The Autism Epidemic: Transhumanism’s Dirty Little Secret, Cybernetic Messiah, and his newest book, The Demic of Pan.Wayne’s first UFO experience, and his journey into occult philosophy.Intro to Ancient Mystery Schools and MetaphysicsThe 14 Words (Of Masonry)The Dichotomy of Pan and ChristPisces to CapricornManipulation and Influence are MagicCERN, Nephilim, and Resurrection
Honk Honk it’s 222222Roberta Paulson takes trample damage from a horse.Canadians get a literal liberal gangsta’s paradise.Macron to sue Dogbot.World War 3 movie starts in 4k. More Epstein like suicides.Polish Cosmonaut confirms Earth is Flat.Mars rover selfies.Lone Skum digs H***er memes out of his meme folder.
Just when you thought the gang was done with Black Science (Fiction) Month…We have a full cast here to talk about the life and wild stories surrounding Michael Jackson. It gets weirder than you think! Costumes, clones, and holograms galore from Neverland’s King of Pop.
Retro-posting in the 90’s.Nuclear energy is Gay AF, Demolition Man predictionsHarambe lost his Superb Owl.Lone Skum brings back apartheid to TeslaCanada rakes the leafsUkrainian babushka friekorpsValentines and Lawsuits
Put dat fiberglass in yo lungs and get inna van. We finna tell you sum’n.N. * .G.G.A.S assemble to join super powers to battle Ghosts, Dogs, and the USPSNation of Islam and the myth of Yakub’s globe trotters; Step 1: Make other races. Step 2: ? Step 3: Prophet?
Concerning pillows, gas stations & Joe Biden, real shit & the oppression pyramidScience: This is real, Lone Skum’s dumb smart car & cartoons on the dark side of the moonEntertainment: Joe “n-word-guy” Rogan, Sacha Baron Cohen is a bad actor & Hollywood = CIABusiness/Politics: Russia/Ukraine war? Women crash jets & why are antifa ALWAYS pedos?
Fire Rihanna’s makeup artist, not Grognak!Exodus to Odyssee possible.Fake and gay Canadian helicopters with no one being thrown from them.Mandela things; Lord of the Rings seems to have changed..Wurm posting our way into San Francisco. Ironic?Dallas Fair Park statue scrutiny.The US army is giving people HIV while Russia plays war games in Ukraine.
The WormpillHow to train your penguin (to be gay)Entertainment: Libtards seethe over Spotify, Whoopie’s whoopsie, Get those trannys out of here A$@PPolitics: Canadian truckers, farmers, and whores. Dan Bongino is not WhiteScience: Lone Skum, NASA, MarsSports: Soccer is now The Running Man IRL, The GOAT retires to his witch’s lairBusiness: Get off the Beast System
Dogbot narrowly escapes a sasquatch to return to the show. After the required shitposting and giant posting we seek Lebensraum. On to the content, which is a return to the poles in works of fiction. First up is The Iron Republic. Barrington finds a way through and beyond the ice wall. Find out about advanced tech for socialist Luciferians. In the second hour, the guys tackle The Smokey God. Travel to the North Pole and hang out with giants. Get /comfy/ and let’s take a voyage to the (literal) ends of the realm.
Science: What do Scottish Supercomputers, Chinese butt swabs, and centipedes have in common?Covid is totally going awayM0nkeyshines => Outbreak => Contagion => WWZ?Do glowbois dream of gayopped sheeple?Entertainment: FJB, woke Tolkien, and troons in tightsSports: More troons, and also less troons, but also more as wellSpace: Still fake and gay
Our trip around the nation looking for paranormal oddities, cryptids, and haunted places takes us to Pennsylvania. Johnny is joined by intern hopeful Grognak and guest Seamus from Antelope Hill Publishing.Small talk and shitposting (obv)Creepy Cryptids: Dogmen (not Dogbots), apple elves, lake monsters, goat-men,Spooky Spots: Paranormal penitentiaries and haunted battlefieldsTartaria, Where art Thou?: Asylums and old museums
>shitposting>new paranormies theme song>flase flags are ackshually real if russian>your 4 bidens>khazakhstani spelling bee>texan synagogue hostage hoedown. hoax?>db gets rick rolled>chill your vaccines (takes) on the nano level>more covid vax stuff>link to british heart foundation commercial: https://youtu.be/4c2Pgt77rWg>long covid is not just a cold>shoutouts>ohio and fast food
The boys kick off season 7 with a look at everyone's favorite culture creator and all time greatest imagineer: Walt Disney. Was he the sweet, generous uncle with a wild imagination, creating generation after generation of wholesome memories? Or was Walt a creepy weirdo, a heavy drinker deeply involved with secret societies, the military industrial complex, the space program, the intelligence community, the occult, and pedophilia? Let's get /comfy/ and see what's REALLY going on at the "Happiest Place On Earth".
After a solid Spooktober shitposting session, the gang get down to business. And what evil, nasty business it is. In the 1980's-1990's, Satanic Ritual Abuse and Satanic witch covens were either phony and fear porn or they were deadly and real. Let's try and get /comfy/ and see just how deep this rabbit hole goes.With: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, and JackBreak Music: Behead the Gorgon, by Lair of the MinotaurCreepypasta: Remain Calm, read by Jack
New Angry Biden™ just dropped Psaki circles back after a volcanic break Harry…you're not a wizard anymore. You're FIRED! Captain Kirk bodly goes to the greenscreen Paranormies called it again 6.66 BILLION Pour out some yellowcake for my dead homiesWith: Johnny, Dogbot, and JackBreak Music: Synthetically Revived, by SuffocationTales From The Necronormiecon: Transromanticism and You, from Harassment Architecture, by Mike Ma, read by Jack
Johnny, DB and, Jack talk origins, abandonment, hauntings, and other strange things surrounding these supposed places of fun from the "Golden Era" called electric parks, or "amusement parks". Where did the idea for this concept even come from, why so many, why were they designed so similarly, who was going to all of these amusement parks, and why were there "live babies" on display in what amounted to a neonatal intensive care unit? And like so many other things of the "Golden Era", why did so may of them burn down? Let's get /comfy/ and check it out!With: Johnny, Dogbot, and JackMusic Break: Banshee, by Dance With the DeadCreepypasta: Fate, read by Jack
Cal "Trans" hits schools Faking Space: the agency, the heads of state, and the kids Is Israel on Mars? Ragefuel from Loudon County, seat of Satan School spy programs The Gypsy King & 33 MKUltra Kid's Books How Israeli tech is displacing more AmericansWith: Johnny, Dogbot, and JackBreak Music: Iron HelixTales From The Necronormiecon: Romancipations Highway, from Harassment Architecture, by Mike Ma, read by Jack
>inb4 S6 EP66: 666The guys give the intern the night off and take a trip South of the Border to see what kind of spoop lives in Mexico! From witches and haunted places, to cryptids and things that go bump in the night, to some extremely creepy ancient artifacts, much like a castiza gf, Mexico is packed full of juicy content ripe for exploration. Let's get/comfy/ and head south to see if Mexico is filled with actual ghosts and goblins or just goblinas.With: Johnny, Reinhardt, and DogbotMusic Break: Servitude To Death, by DeadskeletonCreepypasta: A Taste Of Freedom, read by Jack
Grimes and Skum: commies in space? Special Ed Forces hide from Fruity Ninja Fake whistleblower gayop is fake Pigs in space Mask off: who's who? All I want for Christmas is a low earth orbit fake space flightWith: Johnny, Reinhardt, Jack, and Astro FashBreak: Slaughter To Prevail, by BratvaTales From The Necronormiecon: Oversocialization Pt.2, by Theodore J Kascynski, read by Jack
The Transhumanism Agenda rolls on with part 3 in this series: Black Goo. You've seen it in many movies, comics, and TV shows.What is it? Is it real? Where did it come from? What is it made of? Is it actually alive? It's sentient? Wtf? There are lots of questions to be answered tonight, Johnny and the gang sit down to try and figure out what exactly is this sticky and apparently smart mess. Let's get /comfy/ and find out about the " B L A C K G O O"!!With: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, Jack, and Alt SkullMusic Break: Flawed By Design, by DeadskeletonCreepypasta: Never Me, read by: Jack
Lone Skum and GrimesMars and the moons of JupiterGabby Petito gayopWilliam EyelashAnd of course, the Covid crap and more.With: Johnny, Reinhardt, and DogbotBreak: Illuminate, by HVDSN ACID
The Fake and Gay™ Covid-19 op has had many an aware citizen questioning one of the very foundational theories of modern medicine: Germ Theory. Like literally all major scientific theories, this one has literally never been proven, and yet, billions of people around the realm are vaccinated to protect themselves from invisible things called viruses which cause diseases. Allegedly, that is. Do viruses really cause disease? Are illnesses actually contagious? Are viruses even real? What even is an immune system? How did we end up injecting toxins into our bodies instead of properly caring for them? Why Pasteur and not Bechamp? What do lemons have to do with Ebola? Why can't anyone find the measles? Get /comfy/ and let's find out!With: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, and JackMusic Break: Sick Note, by Ed Rush and Optic AlCreepypasta: 5 Cardinal Rules For Surviving the Anomaly, read by Jack
RETVRN TO MONKE. Tucker talks military mandate vax facts. Army Powerpoint Powered by Satan? Entertainment Section feat. Hollywood Inversos. Faking Space's Baked Takes. TF is a Time Crystal? More maskless hypocrisy. AND MUCH MORE!With: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, and JackBreak: Black Winter, by VulgaRTales From The Necronormiecon: Oversocialization Part 1, Industrial Society and Its Future, by Theodore Kasczynski, read by Jack
F's in the chat for Norm Macdonald.Covid, because of course.Vaccine mandates from President Deep Fake.Hot mic or Hava Negila?Troons Meet at Met for (literal) Gay Gala.More Satanic Avatar programming.Livestreaming deepfakes, and 6G: The latest in "Stuff literally nobody asked for"With: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, and JackBreak: Norm Macdonald on Ted KascynskiTales From The Necronormiecon: Mein Kampf, Study of the Foundations of Marxism, by Adolf Hitler, read by Jack
20 years ago today the jew controlled mass media pulled off the biggest hoax in history. (Until Covid, obviously)Join Johnny, DB, Reinhardt, Jack, and Alt Skull for what might be the most schizo, yet most likely explanation for what happened on the day predicted (ordered?) by the Project for a New American Century as "another Pearl Harbor". No spoilers here, you're going to have to get /comfy/ and listen!Links to videos posted on paranormies.comWith: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, and JackGuest: Alt Skull. Make sure to check him out on Telegram here: https://t.me/AltSkullMirrorMusic Break: Flood, pt. 1&2, by VulgaR Check out the heaviest metal in the dissident right, right here: https://vulgar14.bandcamp.com/releasesCreepypasta: It's My Life, read by Jack
TNE: quine Intervention - July 31, 2022
Telegram's ONLY source for the REAL TROOF; Conspiracy culture cooption; Bots, bots everywhere; Take your horse meds, schizo; Covid rage fuel; The Satanic Temple's attempt at relevancy, Ghislane Maxwell's "court case" continues; Space news New DC gayop announced: hundreds to be jailed; And a whole lot more!With: Johnny, Reinhardt, and JackMusic Break: Pleasant Journey, by BlavatskyTales From The Necronormiecon: The Black Plague, from White Power, by George Lincoln Rockwell, read by Jack
Alt Skull joins the gang for another round of transhumanism posting. Graphene, morgellons, vaccines, mind control, project Blue Beam, and the Voice of God, what else can they pack into these two+ hours? Let's get /comfy/ and find out!With: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, and JackGuest: Alt Skull. Make sure to check him out on Telegram here: https://t.me/AltSkullMirrorMusic Break: Z Axis, by GoldengatesCreepypasta: Ceremorphisis, read by Reinhardt
HAARP's Hurricane Season, More Mystery Talibani Theater 3000, Covid because of course, 88D Marine Chess, Sino Semitic Space Lasers, Futuristic Martian Cave Dwellers, and more!With: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, and JackMusic Break: Kvltist, bu Iratus VirTales From The Necronormiecon: Hitting My Head Against the Firmament, from Gothic Violence, by Mike Ma, read by Jack
After a little shitposting, the guys head on up north to New Hampshire. Cryptids, haunted cemeteries, creepy hotels, and a possible Tartarian asylum are all on the menu this week. Enjoy fam!With: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, and JackMusic Break: Neptune, by VulgaR Check out the heaviest metal in the dissident right, right here: https://vulgar14.bandcamp.com/releasesCreepypasta: How To Scare Dad, read by Reinhardt
More Covid coof crap, now aka Corminaty, A bunch of fake and gay Afgahnistani antics, The BS Boomer Bomber story, The Sports and Entertainment Sections, And some high quality conversation. Enjoy fam!With: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, and JackMusic Break: Let's Go, by John NadaTales From The Necronormiecon: The Saturn Time Cube Simulation, by Nicholas Hinton, read by Jack
Never to let a good unfinished topic go to waste, the gang decide to flesh out the "Nephilim looked like clowns" theory. A deeper dive into the psychedelic side of clowns and jesters, including the "mechanical elves" Are they real entities, is it all "just the drugs" or are they really just disembodied demonic spirits, forever stuck in a multiple 2 dimensional fractal existence, pretending to be jesters? When did it become customary for clowns to visit sick children? Why the red nose and what's with that hair? Why do so many ancient cultures have stories about the same entities as modern DMT users have seen in their psychedelic experiences? Let's all pile into this here clowncar and find out!With: Johnny Monoxide, Reinhardt, DogbotMusic Break: Carousel, by Mr. BungleCreepypasta: Astonishment, read by Reinhardt
The gayest of gayops: Kabul Edition. Meme numbers. He was an Afghan refugee, she was a vaccine company CCO: together they are the most unsurprising crossover you never knew you needed to know about. Monoxide Effect in effect again. Satan's Pope and the Orthobro Vax-cuck. Lone Skum: 2 steps forward, 3 steps back. Jew York Shitty. Conspiracy Cartoons hit Netflix.With: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, and JackMusic Break: Covid Cops, by Mr. E Check him out on Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/O1YaUL5i13Ln/Tales From The Necronormiecon: Theory of a Nation, Speech by Jose Antonio Primo, de Rivera, read by Jack
It's Friday the 13th…or at least it was last night when we recorded. So, enjoy this recording of last night's call in show! There were some very interesting calls. We have the best callers. If you didn't get a chance to call in, we will definitely be doing it again, so stay tuned!With: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, JackMusic Break: River Song, by Echo RecordCreepypasta: Luck, read by Adam Haidt
CARDI B IS A GODDAMN DUDE OKAYalso…Sophisticated Negro Birthday Party Dinger? I thought you said N…NY gets a new governor That one time the antivaxxers killed the Suicide Squad More Military Mandovaxxalorian The Variant Name Game And much more!With: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, and JackMusic Break: Mandate, by Hook Check him out on Metal Up Your Fash: https://odysee.com/@MUYF:7Tales From The Necronormiecon: The Final Aim of the Nation, from For My Legionnaires, by Corneliu Cordeanu, read by Jack
This week the gang address a few major issues and answer a few questions, such as: What's up with all the schisms and differences in the different "truth" communities? Are pagans really gay? Is Christianity really what (((they))) want to destroy? Why are all British conspiracy guys (except Paul Cook) such grouchy old codgers? In the second hour, we take a look at clowns. Where did they come from? When did they go from being terrifying to "funny"? (Some say they never did.) And finally, what does a clown carnival have to do with domestic terrorism? Get /comfy/ and let's find out!With: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, JackMusic Break: Like Rats, by GODFLESHCreepypasta: Don't Scream, read by Reinhardt
This week's Nationalist Enquirer includes;Latest Gayop™ droppedCapital Gayop Cop/Crisis Actors GuildSuicide Solutions To Insurrectionist ActionsThe Pandemic of the UnvaccinatedMandovaxiloreanEarth's Oversized Heart ProblemsAll this and much more!With: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, and JackMusic Break: Sufferer's Remorse, by Iratus VirTales From The Necronormiecon: GLR, White Power, Chapter 4: Crooked Captains, read by Jack
Kash Kustomer returns for part 3 in the Laurel Canyon series. The gang go down many rabbit trails, listen to much rambling, wrangle some autism, and finally attempt to make sense of how deep the deep state's involvement in not just mainstream culture, but counter culture as well. More links to the CIA, MI5/6, the Mossad, and other intelligence groups, more connections between politics and entertainment, and definitely more sex drugs and (manufactured) rock and roll. Also, Jim Morrison is definitely Rush Limbaugh and Blue Oyster Cult is more jewish and esoteric than we ever thought. Get /comfy/ and let's go for another drive in that other famous canyon, Laurel Canyon.With: Johnny, Dogbot, Jack, Kash KustomerMusic Break: Like Rats (GODFLESH cover), by Fedpost Inc.Check out Kash's channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFwd79zwVoA--DQHGdrcrvQCreepypasta: Distant Echoes, read by Jack
Team Diversity…err…USA taking L's Olympic masonic ritual…err…opening ceremonies McAfee's DMS…it's not DMT Weinstein doing a Cosby doing a Capone Biden and black mental patients Flyfishing showdown, CIA Style N's posting L's, Capitol style Lone Skum (because of course) Big Pharma BankruptcyWith: Johnny, Dogbot, Astrofash, and JackMusic Break: Submitting To Detriment, by ModifidousTales From The Necronormiecon: John 8:37-44: Christ's Speech to the Pharisees, read by Jack
Crystal Tree Scrapyard - July 31, 2022
The gang have watched the videos, they have looked at the photographic evidence, they have read the articles, and they have debated in the chatrooms. Now they bring you their take on what was once considered a taboo subject, a bridge too far, something so "schizo", so far out there, it was just too much, even for the Paranormies. That's right, we're talking about the Crystal Trees and the Silicon Age. Are mesas, plateaus, and places like Devil's Tower actually stumps of enormous crystal trees? What exactly is Giant's Causeway? Was the Grand Canyon really just the work of millions of years of erosion, or is it simply the remains of a quarry? Is Wave Rock in Australia a natural rock formation or evidence of giant machines and mining operations? Are volcanoes just piles of mining waste with materials chemically reacting inside? What the hell really happened to the ocean's floors? Let's get /comfy/ and take a walk with us amongst the ancient silica giants.Pics posted here: https://mega.nz/folder/5E1QHBrC#zPc6ovh-oFHxtyWmvIt24ARussian Article referenced: https://secretenergy.com/are-these-giant-prehistoric-trees/With: Johnny, Reinhardt, DogbotMusic Break: Like Leaves, by Iratus VirCreepypasta: Keeping Peace With the Fair Folk, read by Reinhardt
Dungeons, Dragons, and Down's Syndrome Druids? Bezos' billion dollar benis (rocket) Antarctica's "new lakes": new lies or real shit? Doesn't matter, it's gay now (>inb4 >now >implying) England slides further into 1984 C H I N A floods the world with gayops Can GMO's stop mosquito bites Ghislaine and Donald (Duck, that is)With: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, and JackMusic Break: Dr. Hippolord, by WeedruidTales From The Necronormiecon: On the Jews and Their Lies pt.4, read by Jack
This week, the gang is joined by Alt Skull for a little look at some of Ewaranon's video content. More impossible architecture and antiqiutech comes your way with a dive into the sound and water frequencies associated with energy production structures like Cathedrals and Star Forts. Cymatics are found all over nature, did the builders of these structures use them when designing them? What are cymatics anyway? How does frequency affect us and the world around us? Then, in the second hour, the gang take a look at nuclear power, radiation, and radium. In doing so, they take apart another "useful idiot" of the Beast System. Marie Curie is F&G. Get /comfy/ and listen up!With: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, JackGuest: Alt Skull. He can be found here: t.me/AltSkullMirrorMusic Break: A picture of a picture of a picture of a sock, by Painted WorldsCreepypasta: It's Just A Costume, read by Reinhardt
Blacks being blacks arrest black for being black in SA Semn Ded Prez All Star Game Gayop Trans reading hour? Hold my beer… ElsaGate/PedoTube is back. Again. Doors to Doses and Long Covid Sir Not Actually Appearing In SpaceWith: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, and JackMusic Break: Sum Cull Vril, by Imaginary Fri3ndsTales From The Necronormiecon: Burning Souls: The Eternal Crucifixion, by Leon Degrelle, read by JackCheck out our website and leave comments there: ww
Catacombs and Ossuaries - July 30, 2022
Catacombs. Dark, scary, somehow religious, underground places of storage of bones. Bones perfectly cleaned, preserved, and stacked in strange and clearly occult patterns. Why? Who built these? How were they built? Were these dug out and then built underground or were they originally above ground, pre "mud flood"? Where in any religious (or any other for that matter) text is it written to do this? Who would actually store food and ice (official narratives as to their original uses) in these places? What is an ossuary and why are these alleged religious places of bone storage adorned in such an obviously satanic looking fashion? Get /comfy/ and let's take a spoopy tour around the realm as the guys try and shed some light and bring you a little look into the dark and foreboding world of catacombs and ossuaries.With: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, JackMusic Break: Son of Nitrous, by Bad Company & TraceCreepypasta: Silver Linings, read by Reinhardt Von Krieger
Bye bye and good riddance to Lovecraft Country Troons vs Pastors Sneaking out of Poppy Town Charging Lone Skum's cars: maximum cost, minimum return Door to door vaccine evangelizing Lambda variant blocks ur path Churches burn in LeafghanistanWith: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, and JackMusic Break: The Signal Fire, by Killswitch EngageTales From The Necronormiecon: Cowardice In the Face of Responsibility, from Mein Kampf, by Adolf Hitler, read by Jack
The Nationalist Enquirer is back again with another full stack of spoopy news, conspiratorial views, hot takes, and head shakes. And as always, just enough shitposting to keep the spergs sperging. This week it's McAfee's "suicide", Ghislaine's privilege, the IDF, OKC, BLM (no, not that one), UFO's, the NSA, CIA, NASA, and much more! It's news, Jews, and also news about Jews! Enjoy content fam!With: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, and JackMusic Break: Freya, by The SwordTales From The Necronormiecon: Industrial Society and It's Future Feelings of Inferiority, pt.2, by Theodore J Kaczynski, read by Jack
The guys delve back into the Reset Theory with a look at Orphan Trains, Foundlings, Infantoriums, and Land Grabs. What exactly is an orphan? Where did these tens of thousands of children come from? Why the need for dedicated rail lines and trains specifically for these orphans? What the heck is an incubator baby and why were they amusement park attractions? Why such grandiose buildings for these orphanages? Why was there such a need for child labor? Later on, they go over the official narrative of the weirdness that were the "Land Grabs", a free lottery type system of land distribution. All aboard, let's get /comfy/ on the orphan train!With: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, JackMusic Break: Loose Caboose (Bassbin Twins Remix), by ElectrolinersCreepypasta: Did You Hear That?, read by Jack
From CERN and the World Wide Web to the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization to the YMCA, the Red Cross, the World Council of Churches, the Jesuits, the Lutherans, and the Holy See, literally EVERY international bureaucratic or religious body is headquartered in Geneva Switzerland. Must just be all those great tax laws, right? Let's get a few balls of colored string, a handful of thumbtacks, and lets "Pepe Silvia" our way from Switzerland to Israel to the rest of the realm.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ListofinternationalorganizationsbasedinGenevaWith: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, JackMusic Break: Flowers, by GodfleshCreepypasta: Sleep, read by Jack
Oops, he (Lone Skum) did it again. A very "Special" Forces story When drones attack The Great Reset: Air Transportation Edition Blackrock: Makers of a whole new kind of feudalism And of course, at least 38 minutes of shitposting. Where is it? At the beginning? The end? You'll have to get /comfy/ and find out.With: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, and JackMusic Break: Reality Release, by 4-MatTales From The Necronormiecon: The Saints, from Burning Souls, by Leon Degrelle, read by Jack
Have you ever seent a shadow-man? Have you ever been passing along a hiking trail and a silver primate decided to put on an acrobatic show before your eyes? Some people have, and trust us, neither one can really be described as “amusing”. This evening, Reinhardt and Jack are joined by V from Europe, who shares some stories of shadow visitation, possible hexing, and a silvery monkey. As a very talented artist, V’s depiction of what he saw in his own home is harrowing, but as it turns out not all that uncommon!Join Reinhardt and Jack as they share stories of shadow people and discuss strange European happenings with V!Link to V’s artwork: https://linktr.ee/theocrataWould you like to share your personal story on the show, or have it read and discussed for you? Email us at [email protected]. We will email back and confirm your decision beforehand every time, no worries
The midweek update is go! First up, Remember the USS Liberty! Then, Anonymous tries to get Skummy, and Astro drops some Astrology. Grimes dreams of Communist AI. Buck Breaking…real or myth? The Eternal Swiss strikes again, and finally, won't someone think of the poor penguins?With: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, Astrofash, and JackMusic Break: Grave Wisdom, by Skinny PuppyTales From The Necronormiecon: Industrial Society and Its Future Feelings of Inferiority, by Theodore J Kaczynski, read by JacK
With Reinhardt still on vacation, Johnny, DB, and Jack shitpost their way through SPOOPY NUMBER EPISODE!! Enjoy content fam!With: Johnny, Dogbot, JackMusic Break: Thorn In the Lion's Paw, by SumacCreepypasta: Our Tiny Room, read by Jack
Nukes & N'sBye Bye Bibi? Blah Blah BlahMeat's On the Menu (but for how long?)Blackrock Buys Into Big BeefThe Wu Flu Review: Bird Flu, now with real birds!Bad Winter + Cold Spring = Crop Crisis?Gayop: Detected, Operative: Removed, Paranormies (& friends): Vindicated Yet AgainWith: Johnny, Jack, AstrofashMusic Break: Spaceship Broken, Parts needed, by PelicanTales From The Necronormiecon: Adversus Judaeos, read by Jack
Dr. Mr. Jim Fetzer is back again for another visit with the guys! Banned books, fake politicians, lawsuit updates, Covid-1984, Vaccines, JFK, 9/11, Sandy Hoax, Parkland FL, transversions, official narratives, official lies, and so much more. Sit back, get /comfy/ and prepare for an injection of redpills, given to you the way the one and only Dr. Fetzer can. Enjoy content fam!With: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, JackGuest: Dr. James Fetzer His websites: https://jamesfetzer.org https://radiofetzer.blogspot.com His Bitchute Channel: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/Rbtrop3rRlZl/ Buy his books here: moonrockbooks.comMusic Break: Strike Force, by Sleaford ModsA Very Special Tales From The Necronormiecon: And I Suppose We Didn't Go To the Moon Either? by Jim Fetzer, read by Jack
Marilyn Manson's rocket's are scummier than Elon's Shakespearian drama or modern comedy? Entertainment news: aka the All Tr-nny News Hour Get out of jail jab Texas conservatives' trans payoff UFO's, USO's, and the Comics Section I'm interested in aquamation Kidneys on coffee break Belgian Rambo Chipman, because of course Bill Gates' B O O B AWith: Johnny, Dogbot, Jack
The guys start a new series on Transhumanism. A new religion, an old idea. What is it, where did it come from, who is behind it, and where is it going? Are we still evolving (if you believe that) or is humanity following the laws of thermodynamics and physics like the rest of the universe and heading towards entropy? From Prometheus to CERN and from Babylon to Google, this should be an interesting ride, so let's get /comfy/ and find out if we're all just going to be brains in a vat after all.With: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, JackMusic Break: Biomechanic, by Front Line AssemblyCreepypasta: Things Can Always Get Worse, read by Jack
Tartar, sauce? What whites achieve, meant. The gay grift is gone, but the fag was fake Money is F&G, part 6,000,000 Vice grips the vax gripes Vax vs Non Vax, whom'st is "right"? The Native Israeli Question Ding Dong Dome of Iron Mystery President Theater 3000 The IDF pees their pantsWith: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, JackMusic Break: Jerusalem: Chapter 2, by SleepTales From The Necronormiecon: Industrial Society and It's Future, by Theodore Kascynski, read by Jack
After the Bloomberg "Tartaria/Q-Anon" article earlier in the week, the guys decide to have a conversation about one of the things that sent them down the alternative/hidden/stolen history rabbit hole: The World's Fairs. What were they? Why did they build them in the style they did? Did horse and buggy people really build everything in the timeline presented and in the way they said they were and with the methods and material available at the time? We posit that the narrative may in fact, be a complete lie. Get /comfy/ and come with us for a walk down the Midway past the Agricultural Palace, the Incubator Babies, the Human Zoos, and the Electric Monorail to the Shoe and Leather Pavilion.With: Johnny, Dogbot, ReinhardtMusic Break: Melee, by Russian CirclesCreepypasta: Stop, read by Jack
Why the "gas crisis" is fake and gay Dance Dance Intifada Kvetch-Level 6M Kaiju in the Hollow Earth The Anthropologist Strikes Back MSM goes Q Q for Tartar proofs All your horses and buggies are belong to us L O N E S K U M Nerds are creepy All this plus more from the bottom of the pile…With: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, Jack
This week, the guys take a look into the possibility of certain cryptids being yet undiscovered apes from the darkest parts of still uncharted jungles in remote places like the jungles of Bili or Sumatra. Get /comfy/ and let's R E T V R N T O M O N K E ! ! Enjoy!With: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, JackMusic Break: Eden's Gates, by Old Man GloomCreepypasta: Headaches, read by Jack
The Chauvin Show Trial Season FinaleChoose Your Own AdventureOption A: RIOTS Option B: ALSO RIOTS MORE Fake and Gayops NASA & Space-X shoot the moon, but first…RC Helicopters Van Allen (and also physics) BTFO Vaccines, now with MORE HERPES! LONE SKUM wins a thing Tesla Technology Kills Again!With: Johnny, Dogbot, Jack, AstroFashMusic Break: ED-209, by The Usual SuspectsTales From The Necronormiecon: Industrial Society and It's Future, read by Jack
Kovid O'Brien - July 30, 2022
Reinhardt was attacked again by another feral albino mountain gorilla, so Johnny and DB finally get around to digging into listener emails. From questions about ritual black magic and the ancient androgynous agenda and some superfluous ball fanning over correct calls and The Monoxide Effect, they knock out a prehistoric gorilla sized chunk of your correspondence. Enjoy content fam!With: Johnny, Dogbot, JackMusic Break: St. Elmo's Fire, by John ParrCreepypasta: The Accident, read by Jack Hoffmen
The Chauvin Show Trial continues All the Latest Fake and Gayops NDT BTFO Nanochips and deadly vaccines Revelation of the Evil Sandy Hoax targeted ads MLK's Shooting Range UFO's in NY Germans turn up zee gas(lighting)With: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, JackMusic Break: Give Me the Cure, by FugaziTales From The Necronormiecon: Burning Souls, read by Jack
Johnny, Dogbot, and Reinhardt discuss one of the most influential, most important, and most widely read books, Behold A Pale Hose, by Milton William "Bill" Cooper, the "Godfather of Conspiracy". This book is likely responsible for the "big name conspiracy personality" phenomenon, us included. Would we even HAVE an Alex Jones, had Bill not exposed and written about the Bilderburg Group? Would we even know who the "Illuminati" are without this book? Words like "sheeple" and "New World Order" come straight off the pages of this incredible book, along with TONS of information on the formation of several secret governmental and non governmental bodies that "secretly run the world". Get /comfy/ and let's go back to 1991, with Bill Cooper and Behold A Pale Horse!With: Johnny, Dogbot, ReinhardtMusic Break: Illisit, by Skinny PuppyCreepypasta: No pasta this week, sry fam
The Nationalist Enquirer is late this week, SOARY fam. In this week's edition, we've got fake and gay happenings, "totally just art and not a Satanic ritual" performances, actual vampirism but they call it "science", PUBEWORMS, Lone Skum/AAA crossover, and much more! Get /comfy/ and let's dig in!With: Johnny Monoxide, Dogbot, JackMusic Break: Power Corrrupts, by Swarm IntelligenceTales From The Necronormiecon: Adolf Hitler, the Ultimate Avatar, read by Jack
Hot off the presses, it's another Nationalist Enquirer! Johnny, Reinhardt, DB, and Jack have another full stack tonight! First up, an update on the Satan shoes and the "people" behind them. Then, the cast of Friends are down with the Devil, some Sepehr simping, Masonic temples get extra illuminated, Live from Minneapolis: It's the Chauvin Show, followed by vaccine passports, spoopy covid Mogellon worms, Lone Skum does the bit again, and covid vaccines will make your skin crawl…completely off your body! Get/comfy/ and let's see what's going down on this edition of The Nationalist Enquirer!With: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, JackMusic Break: Demon Serpent, by Lair of the MinotaurTales From The Necronormiecon: For My Legionnaires, by Corneliu Codreanu, read by Jack
Johnny and DB are joined once again by John Fashcroft. Undaunted by the timing and scarcity of show prep, the guys manage to fire out an extremely informative and definitely /comfy/ episode with topics ranging from #BLM and black magic, to Satanism and Judaism, to Celebrities, Santa Rita and Voodoo, and much more!With: Johnny, DogbotGuest: John Fashcroft, check him out on D Live: https://dlive.tv/John_FashcroftMusic Break: Signal Trees, by If These Trees Could TalkCreepypasta: Closet, read by Jack
Hot off the presses, it's another Nationalist Enquirer! This week, the goys have a mass shooting/false flag/hoax event to break down, complete with terrible crisis actors and changing narratives. What we do know is that it was either motivated by or provoked by white supremacy, as are all crimes today. Just how many times can Twitter tie white supremacy and whiteness to this event? In the second hour, the goys talk Fauci, donuts, UFO's and artificial wombs. It's a full stack tonight. Get/comfy/ and let's see what's going down on this edition of The Nationalist Enquirer!With: Johnny Monoxide, Dogbot, Reinhardt, JackMusic Break: False Flag, by Swarm IntelligenceTales From The Necronormiecon: a passage from Mein Kampf, read by Jack
Tonight, the guys take another look at some unusual and extremely interesting, albeit impossible, architecture. Bastion forts, or Starforts, what are they, who built them, and why? Were they simply fortifications and defensive structures or did they have a more mystical and esoteric purpose? We want to know the real answers, not the standard, sanitized, official narratives. This trip around the realm will take us from north to south, from east to west, and to almost 50 different countries. Get /comfy/, this might take a while.Starfort MEGA File: https://mega.nz/folder/8tlwUTgA#vJNbH0PLfTrSIk10IhmcygWith: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, JackMusic Break: Star Trails, by Rob Data & KemalCreepypasta: Afterdeath, read by Jack
TNE: Pre Equinox Edition - July 30, 2022
The guys are joined again by Astro for his first appearance in the Nationalist Enquirer. No Jack, no notes, sorry fam. Oh no…ANYWAY. Lots of topics, high energy, get /comfy/ and let's dig in!With: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, AstroFashMusic Break: A Link In A Chain, by John Nada
Here we go again, the Trans Agenda is back. This time the guys are going after your favorite (and not so favorite) political pundits, politicians, and high end cable news transcasters. Whether they're telling you the "news" or enacting executive orders, most likely they aren't who or even what they say they are. Get /comfy/ if you can, and let's talk trannys.With: Johnny Monoxide, Dogbot, JackMusic Break: Shit For Brains, by Fudge TunnelCreepypasta: I'm Worried About My Son, read by Jack
Fauci ouchies and their deadly effects Insurance is a scam? Always has been… Alex Jones goes Rogan on street shitters and jews Loaded questions, empty jury box Bill Gates, evil technocratic bad guy or just a nerd? Google is the Cookie Monster and Big Brother was just the beginning Welsh flying tanker ships are superior Have we started the Rise of the Planet of the Apes?All this and more, so get /comfy/ and let's GOOOOOOOOOOOOALSO: WE HAVE T-SHIRTS NOW!! https://dissidentapparel.com/ally/paranormies/With: Johnny, Reinhardt, Jack Music Break: Einsey, by Grima
The guys take a look at the sky. Well, part of it anyway. What IS the firmament? Why does Werner Von Braun have the firmament Bible verse on his grave? Is the firmament even real? What does Antarctica have to do with it? Can it be penetrated? Let's get /comfy/ and find out!MEGA link: https://mega.nz/folder/F1lAnJib#0YzWEQlZISWnzVm2lh090QLink to Commander G.L. Rockwell's Ducks and Hens: https://t.me/TheParanormiesPresent/645Send us stuff: The Paranormies P.O. Box 3036 Kingsport TN 37667-0036With: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, JackMusic Break: Firmament, by The OceanCreepypasta: Someone Is Watching Me, read by Jack
Space-X's success is exploding Very very old trees have a very very old story to tell Polar Shift? I wouldn't worry about it The 10,000MPH Hotel Dr. Seuss Hears A Boo Hoo Ni--a, I Don't Care Honorary status won't save you And more…Also: WE HAVE SHIRTS NOW!! https://dissidentapparel.com/ally/paranormies/With: Johnny, Reinhardt, JackMusic Break: Blood of Spring (ft. Hiraeth), by Halandir
Reinhardt has the night off, so Johnny, Dogbot, and Jack tackle insane asylums once again with a dive into how and why these enormous Gothic "asylums" came into being. Why are they so large if the population they served was so small? Who actually built them? How did people with horse and buggy and covered wagons craft these amazing feats of architecture? There always seems to be some strangeness surrounding the official narratives presented about them and the goys aim to find out what it's all about.MEGA link: https://mega.nz/folder/g08FhaZK#TBMWG0t1E1OnYA8gUV3AWith: Johnny Monoxide, Dogbot, Jack The InternMusic Break: Burial, by Russian CirclesCreepypasta: I Sat On the Bus, read by Jack
The guys may be a day late, but this content is worth the wait. This week Johnny, DB, Reinhardt, and Jack take a look at celebrity deaths and the weird things that surround and result from them. Then it's off to Mars! Just kidding, that's Canada. Why is the (((Pope))) visiting Ur? What do beauty queens and preachers daughters have in common? The answer may shock you! All this and more, on this week's Nationalist Enquirer!With: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, Jack Music Break: Method, by Total Science
Season 6 continues with a new installment of Season 5's: The N Word series. This time the goys have GOT from GOT Ancient Wisdom back on the show for a discussion on Michael Scott Bradley's books: The Iceman Inheritance and Chosen People From the Caucasus. Will they find the reason why "white people" are so violent? Is that an inherently bad thing? Do Bradley's theories conflict? Are todays "jews" really the Khazars? Do Neanderthal genes make us dream? These questions and more, plus a couple good jew jokes await you on this weekend's Paranormies. Get /comfy/ and listen up!With: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, and Jack Guest: Got Ancient WisdomCheck him out here: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY1JdnKvhquSBo16Ax6sRZA Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/RCLOuiyzFm9o/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/gotancient DLive: dlive.tv/GotAncientWisdom BrandNewTube: brandnewtube.com/@gotancientwisdom Blog: totalgooch.wordpress.com Email: [email protected] Break: We Gotta Know, by Cro-MagsCreepypasta: Hands, read by Jack
It's a cold, Dark Winter in Texas. Did the Devil steal the HAARP? Polar Vortex: Weather Manipulation, or Grand Solar Minimum? The GOAT says, "It's MA'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!" Bill Gates: Buttgoy extraordinaire or crypto jew? Either way, he wants you dead. Lone Skum: Rocket science, it isn't rocket science, you know. Armie Hammer eats people.With: Johnny Monoxide, Reinhardt Von Krieger, Dogbot, Jack The InternMusic Break: Icenine, by DECEMBERCreepypasta: Seeing Red, read by Bradshaw Wilson
You've heard about Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum's "Great Reset". Johnny and the goys bring you the REAL Great Reset: The Mudflood Theory. What exactly is it? When did it happen, how did it happen, where did all the mud come from, and how did "they" cover it up? From Star Forts, melted buildings, monuments, and megaliths to "Impossible Architecture" with "Antiquitech" to Tartarian brickwork and Phonecian columns, to incubator babies and orphan trains to inherited cities and "World's Fairs", there certainly no dearth of content here to…uncover. How did people in covered wagons, equipped with picks, shovels, and dynamite build such breathtaking structures and infrastructure? Why is there a pyramid in the middle of Wyoming? Why put on a "World's Fair" in the middle of a "World War"? What's the deal with all these incubator babies? Let's get /comfy/ and dig into this week's content, shall we?MEGA link to pics: https://mega.nz/folder/FsMz2Kza#Bku1loqV47WU4UTAUyb9oAWith: Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, JackMusic Break: Charlemagne, by SkrewCreepypasta: Diet Pills, read by Bradshaw Wilson
Lone Skum Manipulating Crypto? Sportsball, Satan, and Superspreaders A Bit of the TGA: Tom Terrific or Tr@nny Tommy More Tech Censorship of "Conspiracies" CDC Double Mask Mandate "Hero Cop" Lawyers Up There Is Also More…but Jack wasn't there to take notesWith: Johnny, Dogbot, Music Break: The Breeze Of Immunity, by Ancients
Season 6 continues with more possible fake and gay habbenings, silver shorts and stonk memes did not crash the market, alphabet orgs do ackshual terrorism on ackshual Americans. In the second half and a half, the goys get into the "modern-day Indiana Jones" Timothy Alberino's book, Birthright. Almost 10 years in the making, Alberino covers a very interesting biblical narrative covering the creation of mankind, their connection to angels, and how they have squandered their God-given birthright. Are aliens demons? Is the Big Bang Theory a narrative that can coexist within the biblical narrative? Do aliens pilot "craft"? How do the Nephilim breeding programs and transhumanism fit in here? Lots of otherworldly content to consoom, get /comfy/ fam. If it's the weekend, it's the Paranormies!With: Johnny Monoxide, Reinhardt Von Krieger, Dogbot, Jack The InternMusic Break: Posthuman, by JK FleshCreepypasta: My Daughter Learned To
Space-X fails but the gibs never stop Link to crash vid: https://twitter.com/aeopch/status/1356702224957792261/video/1 Pluto demoted one more time. Space travel, like sprinkles, is for winners (and apparently, cancer patients) Multiple Masks Mandatory? You can shove that Covid up your ass…literally SNL has never been funny. Well, maybe. JEWISH SPACE LASERS GameStonk and the F&G 6,000,000 MMDNW Transpresident predictive programmingWith: Johnny, Dogbot, Jack Music Break: Busted, by Future CutCreepypasta: Hell, read by Jack Hoffmen
The guys start off Season 6 with a guest: Jonathan McCormack, writer, artist, conspiracy theory enthusiast, and a huge fan of spoop in general. He has written about angels, aliens, and demons, nephilim, djinn, and other extra "something" entities, psychic and supernatural connections of humans to the universe, and most recently, The Great Reset and Klaus Schwab. How does nanotechnology play into their transhumanist agenda and who exactly is behind it? How does technology replace religion? How virtual do these people want to take society, and how much wealth is in unhealthy tech? Get /comfy/ and get ready for a new season of spoop!With: Johnny, Reinhardt, Jack Guest: Jonathan McCormack, check him out here: Blog: jonathanmccormack.medium.com Artwork: jonathanmccormack.comMusic Break: Hello/At the Maw of the Black Mountain, by Storm KingCreepypasta: Dancing Down An Indian Hallway In Darkness, read by Bradshaw Wilson
A new day has begun, a new administration has been inaugurated…or has it? Green screens, razor wire, face swaps, and glitchy puppets: this already seems fake and gay to us. Was this real, was it prerecorded, was it streamed 11 hours early in Spain? How many 'Day One" executive orders did Joe Biden sign? A lot less than tribesmen and rappers pardoned by Trump, that's for sure. From espionage to money laundering, if you're a felon who doesn't celebrate Christmas, Trump had a pardon for you. After all the inauguration nonsense, the goys find out that Covid is indeed, as they had always suspected, fake and also gay. Get /comfy/ and enjoy preseason content please.With: Johnny Monoxide, Bradshaw Wilson, Reinhardt Von Krieger, Dogbot, Jack The InternMusic Break: Cause 4 Concern, by Time StopperCreepypasta: Slideshow, read by Bradshaw WilsonJohnny's Twitter: Got shoah'd, press F
Dogbot is off on a Paranormies On Location Adventure TM, checking out the Georgia Guidestones. In the meantime, Johnny, Reinhardt, and Jack are joined once again by Alt Skull, this time for a discussion on an (allegedly) dangerous and outdated mode of transportation: the dirigible and the zeppelin; aka the airship. Were they modern inventions of the late 1800's or were they a holdover from the Tartarian Empire? Were they practically useless, barely controllable bags of air, or were they technologically advanced, universally utilized, and thoroughly capable methods of transporting both people and goods to and from literally anywhere? Were they taken from us because they could expose the true nature of the Earth? Was the Hindenburg incident a false flag staged by the controllers of this reality intended to destroy the airship industry and usher in the age of petroleum? Get /kampfy/ and let's go for a ride in a Tartarian Airship!With: Johnny Monoxide, Reinhard, Alt Skull, and JackMusic Break: Burial Waters, by TorchbearerCreepypasta: I Hate It When My Brother Charlie Has to Go Away, read by Reinhardt Von Krie